Slipway ropeway service in Martta and free

📩 24/11/2018 12:51

Şentepe cable car is in service in March and it's free: President Melih Gökçek said in a statement, “The first part of the Şentepe cable car will be put into service in March and will be completely free. The cable car system, in which 106 cabins will move simultaneously, will carry 2 people in one direction per hour. ” Yenimahalle, which will enter the service of the Şentepel before the local elections, will meet the first cable car for public transportation in a new spring. The first phase of the cable car project that will connect Şentepe to the Yenimahalle center is continuing rapidly. Noting that the first stage of the cable car will be offered to the Şentepeliler before the local elections, Metropolitan Municipality Chief Chief Melih Gökçek said, “I hope we will open our cable car in March. As the cabins will work continuously, we decided that our fellow countrymen will be free to go to the center easily. ” ??