TCDD auctions in the TCA report

TCDD auctions in the report of the Court of Accounts: The TCA made striking findings in its report on TCDD tenders from the institutions targeted by the third wave of corruption operations. According to the report, the institution has opened a total of 577 units in a year. Of these tenders, TL 96.8 million was made under the Public Procurement Law, while the total amount of TL 473.9 million was not taken into consideration in the public procurement law.
TCDD, which is one of the addresses of the third wave of corruption, made a tender of TL 1 billion last year. According to the report of the Court of Accounts, within the scope of public procurement law, 96.8 million TL from these auctions was realized by negotiating 248.9 million within the scope of 128.2 million exception. Total 50.2 million TL purchases were made through direct procurement. The Court of Accounts reported that these purchasing methods prevented competition.
5 people were detained in the operation carried out by the Izmir Public Prosecutor's Office and in the 25 province in the previous day, alleging irregularities in the operations in the ports and the 25 was created by the personnel of the General Directorate of TCDD.
While the repercussions of the operation were continuing, it became clear that the Court of Accounts was keeping a detailed eye on TCDD tenders. In the report on the 2012 activities of the Agency, while the purchases made by exception, negotiation and direct procurement were being criticized, the following determinations were made:
* In the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD) during the year, a total of 577 bids were opened in the areas that fall under the authority of procurement commissions. Of the aforementioned contracts, TL 96.8 million amounted to 4734 million TL amounting to TL 248.9 and TL 3 million amounted to TL 128.2 million under the 473.9 / g exception. In addition, a direct procurement method amounted to TRY 50.2 million.
* TCDD and its subsidiaries' purchases of goods and services; It is seen that the weighted part of the purchases is realized by the direct procurement method through the open and bargain tender procedure within the scope of the purchase regulation put into effect pursuant to the 4734 / g clause of the law numbered 3 and this causes the competition environment to not be fully formed. Again, some of the tenders are not realistic in the approximate cost calculations, or because there is no offer or offer more than the approximate cost, such as offers were encountered, and therefore the cancellation of the tender has been determined.
* Investment activities of the TCDD community have expanded significantly with the volume of goods purchases. Therefore, in order to ensure that procurement and investment activities are carried out in a healthy manner, it is necessary to carefully consider the definition, analysis and standards of sectoral unit prices in the field of railway.
* Regarding the procurement activities of TCDD and its subsidiaries; In order to determine the tit approximate cost ler calculation for goods and services in accordance with the current price level and to be close to the actual price level, it is recommended to use the proforma invoices which are commonly used in the organizations, as well as other methods mentioned in detail in the application regulations.
* Since procurement and investment projects of TCDD and its subsidiaries have reached significant levels, it is recommended to determine and implement standards that will ensure the process to be concluded in a more healthy and competitive environment by examining the problems experienced during the procurement process.

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