Polish Journalists Compete in Palandöken

palandoken ski resort
palandoken ski resort

31 Polish journalists who came to Erzurum competed in the Freestyle Slalom Races at Palandöken Ski Center.

At the Palandöken Ski Center, 31 Polish journalists struggled to be placed in Freestyle Slalom Races. Within the scope of the study conducted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, ski races were organized in Palandöken for the journalists who came to Erzurum from Poland. 20 Polish journalists, aged 45-31, participated in the Freestyle Slalom Competition. During the races held under the supervision of ski instructors from Erzurum, it was observed that some Polish journalists had a hard time passing the gates.

Pointing out that there were approximately 80 journalists in the party, Polish journalists said, “We liked Erzurum very much. The races organized specially for us are also very fun. They said, "We want to come back to Erzurum and experience this beautiful environment again." Polish journalists who rank in the races will be given their awards with the program organized by the Erzurum Governorate.

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