Pedestrian underpasses should be planned for Izmit

Pedestrian underpasses should be planned for Izmit: 30 Sefa Sirmen and Nevzat Doğan, two strong candidates who will compete to be the Mayor of Izmit in March, are currently working on projects that they believe will put the teams of people they trust in front of the public. Sirmen and Doğan İzmit
5 will announce the projects of the annual period at the end of February.
We all know, see, live and accept that the most important problem in Izmit is the traffic and transportation problem. The city is very crowded. The city center is very crowded. Moreover, there is not enough parking. In fact, the number of vehicles entering the city in Izmit is not as much as it is thought. In my opinion, the main reason for the big problem in traffic in the city center is that the pedestrians are very large and the pedestrians in this city are crossing every part of the main streets.
Traffic is managed in the modern cities of the world, while pedestrians as well as vehicles are managed. In a city, if pedestrians from all over the main streets with car traffic enter the street and intercept the vehicles, you cannot provide the flow of vehicle traffic in that city.
One day, one evening, when the schools and workplaces start disintegrating, please go to Alemdar Street in Izmit. On the old railroad crossing you will see the continuous and pedestrian flow in all directions. Exit from Alemdar Street towards Izmit High School. You will be greeted by people trying to cross the street.
This pedestrian traffic also prevents the passage of vehicles. Due to the uninterrupted pedestrian traffic on Alemdar Street, vehicles cannot pass through the gate. This boredom continues along the street.
In modern cities, there are underpasses for pedestrians. The pedestrians do not go to the street dedicated to cars, and they do not have to jump as they dance between them. Vehicles pass through the street, pedestrians pass through the lower passage.
Izmit also now has to manage this pedestrian traffic in a way. There is no return from the “Tram Project” for the Metropolitan Municipality. Most likely in 2015, the tram will start working in Izmit. Tramway runs, Hürriyet Caddesi, Cumhuriyet Street is planned to be completely pedestrianized and closed to the entrance of the car. In this case, Alemdar Street will lose its function and the street will not pass.
For pedestrians to work well for tram traffic, the underpass is required. But if the planned system is passed, there is not much need for pedestrian crossing in the city center.
However, inönü Caddesi, Şahabettin Bilgisu (old Ankara) street will increase the traffic load of the car. The pedestrian underpasses must be built in front of the State Hospital, west of the Baç Junction, in front of the Izmit High School, in front of the 50 Year School. People should be able to move across the street without having to interfere with traffic on the street, using underpasses that do not have too many ladders.
In the same way, the pedestrian traffic at Şahabettin Bilgisu Street should be planned at the 2-3 pedestrian underpass. These are not difficult things.
Its vision may be to plan underground bazaars in larger mayors, Children's Park Square and the Junction of the Baç. An underground market like in Karaköy in Istanbul eliminates the pedestrian traffic on the street and activates the trade.
In İzmit city center, the transfer of vertical construction is over. On the contrary, I foresee that the existing multi-storey buildings in the city center will be destroyed in the not-too-long future - already very large. Shops can go underground. Very attractive underground bazaars can be created.
Candidates who wish to lead Izmit should have new, original projects for transportation to Umuttepe. You cannot remove tram, rail system to Umuttepe. If Kim says, mış I'm going to build a metro to Umuttepe, 'he'd bullshit me. Metro is also not going to work. One must consider a ropeway system that can transport people from the Thursday Market to Umuttepe.
Planning for the public transportation systems to be integrated into the tramway project of the Metropolitan Municipality is already a must. Where will be the tram stops? .. People descending at these stops, how to go to their homes in the upper parts of Izmit, with which means? These need to be planned.
Although we have been promised for years, we still could not lift the Saturday Market, Sunday Market from Izmit Street. Especially for the people who live in Kozluk, Sunday day, which spoils the Sunday Sunday, now a concrete project should be put in front of the people of the city.
How will the area next to East Kışla Park, which has been empty for many years, will be evaluated? If the Metropolitan Municipality is not going to build a military house, the next 5 will have to evaluate this area in the coming years. Is there a new courthouse here? .. Is the continuation of the East Barracks Park? .. Is the center of the cable car system going to Umuttepe. We need to make a decision.
Izmit lost a lot of time in the next five years now need to find solutions to the main problems. It needs to be transformed into a more modern, more comfortable, easier-to-live city. This city needs nurseries for working mothers.
Sirmen and Dogan, 30 will enter into a very difficult election struggle in March, someone will win. When the 30 is squeezed about the solution of the special problems of this particular city after March, they will not have the luxury of saying zaman This is not my job, it is the work of Metropolitan X. Therefore, for 30 Mart, people should put rational and feasible projects in front of the public in order to put forward the projects they put in front of the public, the selection declarations, and the problems that put the people in the city difficult.

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