Crazy projects of the Ottoman Empire

The crazy projects of the Ottoman were turned into books: 41 crazy projects from the Ottoman Empire that could be the engineering wonders of their time were turned into books. The book provides detailed information about projects such as tube crossover projects, Golden Horn and Bosphorus.
With the introduction of Marmaray, other crazy projects of the Ottoman Empire began to appear. Many projects that may have been the engineering marvels of their time were turned into books by storytelling. unknown 41 crazy project with the book is the most comprehensive study of the services offered to researchers in Turkey. The book provides detailed information about the second metro of the world, the "Metropolitan Railway Projects", as well as tube passage projects, Golden Horn Bridge designs, the Suez Canal Project. Here are a few examples of the crazy projects of the Ottoman Empire:
CİSR-İ ENBUBI PROJECT: Cisr-i Enbubi, which is the project of connecting the Bosphorus of the Sultan Abdülhamit under the sea, which inspires Marmaray, is detailed in the book. The project aimed to combine Sirkeci and Haydar Pasha stations under the sea.
THE GOLDEN HORN-BLACK SEA CHANNEL PROJECT: The idea of ​​connecting the Black Sea to the Golden Horn through the Paper Stream is the basis of the project. While it is thought that this project has been developed for the large industrial facilities planned to be established in Kağıthane, a part of the Bosphorus traffic is also wanted to be moved to the planned channel.
AT SQUARE (HİPODROM) PROJECT: When the details of the project are examined, it is planned to demolish the Ibrahim Pasha Palace in the west of At Square and replace it with a police director. The huge building to be constructed would cover the Horse Square and be about 480 meters in the form of the letter E. In terms of scale and plans, Bonvard's masterpiece in Paris would resemble the Palace of Industry.
THE GOLDEN HORN BRIDGE PROJECT: Sultan II. Beyazid had ordered a project from Leonardo da Vinci that connects Pera to Istanbul via Golden Horn. Da Vinci, the project he developed in 1503 II. Presented to Beyazid. However, the project has not been implemented.
THE SECOND METRO OF THE WORLD: The project submitted to the Ottoman government on July 20, 1868, was not approved the first time. With the support of the British, the project was put into service in January 1875 as the second subway of the world. The tunnel, which is 554 meters long and 6,70 meters wide and 4,90 meters high, has two stations and machine rooms at each end. Two trains with two wagons are running on a single line in the tunnel.

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