Orient Express (Orient Express) Coming Back

Orient Express (Orient Express) Coming back: French train companies SNCF legendary Orient Express is coming back to the tracks soon, Orient Express will soon be a brand in the industry.
In the next five years, the legendary train to return to Orient Express, where the works are accelerated in order to make a new expedition, as well as a brand. The expedition between Paris and Istanbul, and the world-renowned British murder novelist Agatha Christie, the Orient Express train has not been on the air since 2009. 1883 had its first voyage, Orient Express, named after the French state company SNCF since 1977. There is signal that he will return this week for the legendary Orient Express, one of the symbols of world transport and literature and even a great importance in his cinema. Because the French SNCF is expected to announce that the famous train will now return to the rails in the next five years.
First time in Paris-Vienna
The special expedition will be operated by 150 passengers between Paris and Vienna. According to the British Telegraph newspaper SNCF is working on a luxury wagon concept. The return of the Orient Express rails is the foundation of SNCF's F Orient Express dön brand plan. SNCF hedef Orient Express “aims to use it as the name of a luxury range with many services and products. For this, famous designer billionaire Bernard Arnault has signed an agreement with the suitcase design. In addition, the luxury beds to be sold around the 40.000 Euro is being prepared in cooperation with the French manufacturer Cauval.
SNCF will introduce the new cak Orient Express SNC company in April at the Arab World Institute in Paris. French train operators are said to allocate 40 million euros with 60 to develop ro Orient Express X branded products. ”Our goal is to create a brand that focuses on French lifestyle and luxury travel issues, an says Frank Bernard, head of the Orient Express company.

History and Importance of Orient Express
The Orient Express is the train that runs between Paris and Istanbul between 1883 and 1977. The Orient Express, which belongs to the Wagon-Li Company, started its first flight from Paris in 1883 with the original name Orient-Express. Officers and diplomats of French, German, Austrian and Ottoman origin also participated in this first expedition of the Orient Express. Also included were the Times newspaper reporter and novelist and traveler Edmond About. Edmond About published his memories of this trip in 1884 in his book De Ponteise à Stamboul. The Times reporter also II. He stayed in Istanbul for a while to meet with Abdulhamit.
After the expeditions of the Orient Express, those who came to Istanbul were staying at various hotels in the city. Since 1895, passengers coming to Istanbul started to stay in Pera Palas, which was purchased by the Wagon-Li Company, which operates the train. During the World War I, which lasted for 4 years (1914-1918), Eastern Express flights could not be made. The train remained at the station during the war.
The last stop of the Şark Express, Sirkeci Train Station, Istanbul
The truce, which ended World War I, was signed between the Entente States and Germany on the 2419 wagon of the Oriental Express near Paris. Later on, this wagon was placed in the museum by the French due to its historical importance.
II. When Germany invaded France during World War II, Hitler asked the Germans to sign the delivery agreement this time in the historic wagon where the Germans signed the delivery agreement. The Eastern Express wagon numbered 2419 was removed from the museum. This time, France's delivery agreement was signed on this historic wagon. This wagon was later taken to Germany. Shortly before Germany surrendered in 1945, this wagon was destroyed by an SS unit. Thus, Germany was freed from the possibility of signing an agreement on this historical wagon for the second time.
After World War I
The Orient Express, which started its trips again in 1919, started to be called 'Simplon Orient Express' with the name of the simplon tunnel opened in 1905. From the new voyage route of the Orient Express, the stations of Germany and Austria, the defeats of the First World War, were removed. Thus, the Orient Express started to reach Istanbul in 58 hours via Paris Lausanne Milan and Venice. The great economic crisis in 1929 led to the reduction of the train's passengers. Şark Ekpresi has been the subject of various novels and movies. Famous British crime novelist Agatha Christie published her novel "Murder in the Orient Express" in 1934.
The Orient Express was not just a passenger train. The train carried various commodities to Istanbul and Paris mutually. According to reports published in the French newspaper La Patrie in Istanbul, thousands of hats and caps were brought to Istanbul with the Orient Express after the 1925 Hat Revolution.
II. During the World War II (1939-1945), the flights of the Orient Express were interrupted again. II. After World War, socialist regimes were established in some of the countries on the route of the train. The Orient Express, which faced various restrictions due to the cold war and gradually lost its importance, made its last expedition on 27 May 1977. The wagons of the train were sold in Montecarlo. Subject to Agatha Christie's novel 'Murder on the Orient Express', the train's two wagons were bought by an Englishman. Some of the wagons were purchased by the Royal Palace Museum in Morocco. About 100 celebrities from different countries of the world participated in the 100th anniversary of the Orient Express, organized by an organization called Society Expeditions and which has a symbolic meaning. Today, it continues its flights once a year in September.

Orient Express in popular culture
The room of Hotel Pera Palas, which he wrote in the Agatha Christie Orient Express Murder, serves as a meeting place for secrets, intrigue and secret love adventures.
While Graham Greene's book, Istanbul train, is in the other Orient Express service; Agatha Christie's novel "Murder on the Orient Express" takes place in Simplon Orient Express.
The Orient Express movie was first shown in 1934. The German film Orient Expres was made in 1944 and was released on 8 March 1945. Probably the last day, a new movie was screened in Nazi Germany. He also has a 2000 movie. Death, deception and forehead travel on the Orient Express and in the 2004 version Around the World in 80 Days Around the World, Mr. Fogg board the Istanbul train. James Bond's problematic escape takes place on the train with Love from Russia. Sir Henry Paget Flasman is featured in Geoerge Mac Donald Fraser's Flash man and Tiger book as a guest journalist Henri Blowitz on the first cruise of the train.
Private trains
In 1982, Venice-Simplon Orient Express (Private railway company-companies providing luxury train service takes this name) was established. He was transporting passengers from London and New York to Venice. This service is provided once a year on Orient Express days today. And it definitely targets travelers with plenty of time. The ticket cost of a passenger from London to Venice is over 1,200 pounds.
American Express operates in the west of the United States. It advertises in the form of a combination of a luxury cruise ship and a 5-star hotel. It recently changed its name to Grand Luxe Rail Journey (very luxurious rail travel).

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