Original Target Giant Projects

Main Target Giant Projects: Within the framework of the second operation, which is intended to be initiated after the 17 December operation, the injunction of 7 people and 2 companies will be greatly harmful to the economy. 3 airport in Istanbul, Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train to freeze the giant projects such as businessmen assets located in this giant project will lead to a blow to the Turkey forward to this great project. Taksim Gezi Park events occurring during the Platform was also opposed to the project importance for Turkey. With the requests of the platform, which wanted to cancel the construction of the 3rd Airport, 3rd Bridge, HEPPs and Kanal Istanbul, it was not unnoticed that the names of the prosecutor who was involved in the second operation law were the owners and officials of the companies that carried out these projects.
Turkey will carry the 2023 target to be the target of these projects "coincidence" that specifies whether Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister and former Büyükşemh Izmir Mayor candidate Yıldırım, "This huge project in doubt problems experienced. Why is it lived? Because, many of those who will carry out these projects have taken a precautionary decision. He both Turkey and the world has done business for 30-40 years, the companies are fuller in the face of Turkey's construction sector, especially due to have taken part in our first year build-operate-transfer projects in firms. What happens if there is a question mark about these firms, perception that they are involved in some unlawful business. Their commercial life will be negatively affected, they will have difficulty getting credit and projects will be negatively affected. ”



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