Niğde High Speed ​​Train Project

Niğde High Speed ​​Line Project: Within the scope of the project prepared by TCDD 6th Regional Directorate, 80 percent of the Karaman, Ulukışla and Yenicetren line will be made suitable for high speed train use.
The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) 6. project prepared by the Regional Directorate of Karaman, 80 percent of Ulukışla and Yenice train line was reported to be tailored to the use of high-speed trains.
In a written statement made by the Niğde Governor, it was stated that the Niğde high-speed train line, which has been on the agenda for a long time and has not gained clarity, will be opened as soon as possible.
Within the scope of the project, it was stated that 80 percent of the existing train line of Karaman, Ulukışla, Yenice will be re-developed by making it suitable for high-speed trains, and the necessary route changes will be made in the remaining 20 percent of the line.
On the other hand, it has been noted that the railway line, which is suitable for high-speed trains for the Kayseri-Niğde-Ulukışla line, will form a key point for Niğde, and it will be reached quickly from Ulukışla to the Taurus and south.




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