The new trams of the city became the urban legend

The new trams of the city became the urban legend: the stories that became the urban legend about the new trams in Konya continued to be exaggerated by the day.
The city's legends about the new trams continued to travel all over the city, while the most talked about topics, ”the tram could not fit on the rails“ and the rumors that ”the two trolleys could not cross side by side“ and the officials who took their opinions, refuted the allegations with the 2 photo. However, the fact that the two trolleys crossed side by side and their mirrors were closed did not escape.
The officials of the Metropolitan Municipality stated that the tramways that have been reached so far are 4 units, and said, vay As of February, we will receive 3 each month. Some arrangements are being made. Test drives are being carried out. As soon as possible, the citizens will be served. En

Günceleme: 25/11/2018 19:08

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  1. Dynamic-Gauge is valid in the traffic of vehicles, especially in Guideway-Systems (Rail-System is one of them). The moving part (vehicle) and the stationary part (line / lines, that is, rail sets) that remain within these boundaries (if necessary) and are made accordingly are 100% compatible / complete with each other. If there is a collision / collosion in the mirrors vbg auxiliary elements, it means that especially SYSTEM-TECHNIQUE and its sub-element / class "Adaptability-Management / Configuration Management" have slept and remained in the classroom.
    If there are errors such as vbg, that system planning, control, final control of the system elements of a great divine comedy, accepting all the elements of a situation, laughing folded up.
    I do not believe in such a thing, I never believe it. Because it is not possible for such a thing to happen in such a system planning (an inevitable prerequisite!) Where there is a multi-step control, control mechanism. If it does, it goes to the branch literature in the world as "If only it were, we could have it". Novice vs. excuses like, can not go beyond being naive.
    MB Shenkok