Izmir's new passenger ships are coming next week

Izmir's new passenger ships are coming next week: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, answered the questions about the current issues during the DTO visit: Büyük The first of our new ships is coming next week. The tram has very important advantages for the city. We are waiting for 1.5 years since the highways do not allow us to pass from the side of the road to the new Foça project. Ayol
İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu visited the management of Izmir Chamber of Shipping. Parliament Speaker Geza Dologh, Chairman of the Board of Directors Yusuf Öztürk and Chairman Kocaoğlu met with the members of the Board of Directors, conveyed information about the many projects they are carrying out for the development of Izmir seafaring.
Pointing out the importance of the ports of Çakmaklı, Çandarlı and Nemrut, President Kocaoğlu reminded that İzmir Harbor has to grow in terms of the future of the city. Mayor Kocaoglu, Güney The port that will carry the East and South Aegean is Izmir Port. Whoever comes by, no matter what he says, Izmir Port will continue to grow into a container port. This is very important for the future of the city. We need a serious cooperation in this. We agreed with the former DLH on the marinas. According to us, according to the future of the city had small errors. We fixed it, we agreed. Next week, our largest composite ship in the world will be in Izmir with its passenger capacity. There is also a faster 2 vessel to serve in the middle and outer bay. We want at least one of them to catch up with this summer season. If it grows, we will carry passengers in the middle and outer bay this summer. A technology that really captures the age of Izmir shipbuilding will contribute to the maritime sector and the country's economy. Gerçekten President Kocaoglu, a shipyard in the Aegean must be remembered, to make ships and ships in the Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea is very important for the maintenance of the vessels, he stressed.
President Kocaoğlu also gave information about the works carried out on the Great Gulf Project and said, hakkında Our excavator vessel was built in Ata Sanayi. We have to build a pipe system. The bay cannot be cleaned by transport. We would like to establish a recycling plant in the 1000 acre area in Sasalı. We are planning to convert alluvial and clay-like materials from the Gulf to the city. Körfez
Thanks DTO President
Mr. Yusuf Öztürk, Chairman of the Board of Directors of İzmir Chamber of Commerce, stated that they are honored by the visit and said,, We are trying to fulfill everything we can for Izmir Maritime. 8 months ago we set out and we are trying to do very good things. Izmir is the city of firsts. The fact that these composite ships are coming to Izmir is proof of this. I thank those who contributed. 13 million passengers are moving now. This ratio will increase to 2 with new ships. 26 - 27 million people can be intertwined with the sea X. Öztürk emphasized that the Great Gulf Project is very important and very important in terms of the future of the Gulf, and that they are ready to support the Metropolitan Municipality of Izmir on this issue.
Yusuf Öztürk said,. I think marina may not be the right decision. Their location may be different. The construction of these parks where people can land safely to the sea in many places with much less cost will enable the city to live in the sea. Li Mayor Kocaoglu stated that there are boat parks in the scope of the coastal project, which will provide the relationship with the sea. Lar The people of İzmir will come to Kordon and park their boat. But it's about permission to do something into the sea. We will now continue to work seriously on land. We'il do it as soon as we get permission. We're redesigning the 40 kilometer. We do what we can do immediately, we will continue our struggle to get the others permission. We'il do as we're allowed. It's important to get on the road, Y he said.


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