Return to the legendary Orient Express

The legendary Orient Express is back: The French are reviving the legendary Orient Express train line that operated between Paris and Istanbul for 126 years.
The legendary 'Orient Express' train line from Paris to Istanbul is coming back. In the 1883, the Orient Express, which was implemented by a Belgian entrepreneur, connected Istanbul and Paris. Over the years, even though the route has changed from time to time, the line's passengers have always been the most famous names of the period, from British spy TE Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) to German-born American singer-actress Marlene Dietrich. The voyage at the Sirkeci Railway Station was immortalized by British novelist Agatha Christie's murder in the Orient Express.
Although flights were interrupted during wartime, the line, which had been operating for 126 years, was eventually unable to compete with high-speed trains and cheap airlines. Orient Express took its last trip between Strasbourg and Vienna in 2009 and ended its flights.
The SNCF, the French rail and travel group, is preparing to revive the Orient Express within a few years. SNCF, a public company, has been the owner of the Orient Express brand since 1977. The British Financial Times wrote next week that SNCF will establish a new company, Orient Express, and will soon re-launch its legendary train journey.
First line Paris - Vienna
In time, SNCF wants to position Orient Express as a very luxury brand with new partners.
Seyahat We want to create a brand for luxury travel and French lifestyle in the center, ve said Frank Bernard, CEO of the new company to be established under SNCF. The first investment in the brand is expected to reach 60 million euros.
The Financial Times also stated that the main strategy of the French is to raise the legendary Paris - Istanbul Orient Express train line. Frank Bernard said that they are already working on new wagon designs. When the new line starts operating, it will carry 150 passengers. In the first place, Paris and Vienna lines will be opened. The train is planned to be operational within 5 years.
The railroad group SNCF made an agreement with Moynat, a suitcase manufacturer of French billionaire Bernard Arnault, who owns the luxury giant LVMH for the Orient Express brand. Accordingly, Moynat will launch Orient Express brand products. In addition, SNCF talks with French furniture and bedding company Cauval. The luxury beds produced under the brand Orient Express are expected to reach 40 thousand euros.
An exhibition will also be held in Paris in April, where the original Orient Express wagons will be used.
The exhibition will tour the major cities on the Orient Express route over the years.

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