Mustafa Balkayadan High Speed ​​Train Review

Mustafa Balkayadan High-Speed ​​Train Interpretation: Municipal Assembly Hall held before the meeting of the ordinary parliamentary meeting of MHP Councilor Hüseyin Mercan and Mustafa Balkaya humorous conversations were passed. Mercan, Mustafa Balkaya'nın hall and shaking hands with him to go to the hall "The newest AK party, our brother has arrived," he said. Mustafa Balkaya laughed at Mercan's words and sat on a row in the back row.
Continuing to speak, Mercan said, Sap Already in the train did not stop at Sapanca, ile referring to the Prime Minister's not stopping at Sapanca with the High Speed ​​Train due to the program change. Mercan's words came from a humorous response from Mustafa Balkaya. Balkaya said, ı You think the train is not standing in Sapanca. The prime minister is an innovative person. They waited for the train at the old station. But the train stopped at the new train station, Ancak he said.

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