MHP Gökçek asked the Metron's Account

MHP Gökçeke asked the Metronun Account: Metro water line due to the explosion of the large water flood and the negligence of taking measures to prevent the bill was heavy.
Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Ankara Provincial Chairman Fatih Cetinkaya, "the negligence of the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, expressed in million dollars in the public source of waste and was consumed," he said.
Provincial Chairman Çetinkaya explained the report prepared by MHP Ankara Provincial Presidency Law Commission about the flood and damage on the issue, said:
Üştür As stated by the Prime Minister, each 1 vehicle with 207 million 500 million 24 millions of dollars, and perhaps more than those delivered, was flooded, damaged, damaged by 25 December 2013 night.
24 25 December 24.00 December due to the explosion occurred in the waters of the night around the Mehmet Akif Ersoy Bridge in a short time around the campus, Macunköy Metro Station and Macunköy Metro Operation Chiefs have been submerged, operating under the head of the flood water reached the height of 2 meters.
Although the disasters experienced by the inhabitants were immediately notified to the Metropolitan Municipality of Ankara, there was no work or intervention during the night, but the authorities of the Metropolitan Municipality were transferred to the region by 8.00.
Due to the disaster, which was not intervened by the authorities until the morning hours, many houses and offices in the region were under water, the vehicles were damaged and serious damage occurred in the environment.
Macunköy Metro Station and Macunköy Metro Operation Chief, located 100 meters away from the bridge where the explosion took place, were flooded and there was a large amount of material damage and damage.
MHP Ankara Provincial Chairman Fatih Cetinkaya, the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs General Manager Metin Tahan, who made an official statement on the subject, stated that all vehicles in water flooded at the height of 1-2 meters. drew attention. Çetinkaya, this confession with the wagon sets of changes in the harmonization of signal systems is understood to be very serious trouble entered.
In order to account for the loss of millions of dollars of public resources, the Mayor of Ankara, Melih Gökçek, has responded to the questions of the Republic of Turkey.
1- What is the cause of the explosion in the outline water pipe? Does the explosion have a causal relationship with the construction of the Mehmet Akif Ersoy Bridge and the road expansion works on the Anatolian Avenue?
In 2-2007, a pipeline explosion occurred in the same area and the explosion caused great damages. Despite the intervening time, why did not the necessary measures have been taken by ASKI, again in the same area, a new explosion occurred on the same line?
3- What time of the explosion and aftermath has been intervened by the relevant units of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality? What work has been done to prevent the damage caused by the disaster?
4- With the statement of the Prime Minister, for the technical and scientific reasons, Macunköy Metro Operation Chief has been selected as the warehouse area for the storage and storage of metro vehicles and other equipment, each of which is worth 1 million 207 thousand 500?
5- What protective measures have been taken at the warehouse site for vehicles with material value and technical sensitivity and why is it not ensured that the vehicles are protected against the disaster?
6- What is the number of vehicles at the warehouse site by the night of the disaster?
7- Are the vehicles insured in order to secure the public source for these highly valued vehicles?
8- What is the financial equivalent of the damage in the vehicles?
9- Has the vehicle become completely unusable, or can it be repaired and reused? What is the cost if possible?
10- If the vehicles are repaired and used, is it considered scientifically to draw attention to the health and safety of the people who will benefit from the metro line?
11- Is an administrative investigation carried out in relation to the disaster and the material and non-pecuniary damage it may cause?
12-11 which can not be opened in the years of Ankara Metro will be opened, will be allocated to the service of Ankara people?

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