The woman's hand was worth the subway

A woman touched the metro: The hero of the Metro The 21,7-kilometer-long Bus Station-Bağcılar-Başakşehir-Olimpiyatköy Metro Line, which started to carry passengers for a short time, is one of the most important transportation systems on the European side, and makes a difference with its technology and technical team.
The hero of the Metro The 21,7-kilometer-long Otogar-Bağcılar-Başakşehir-Olimpiyatköy Metro Line, which started to carry passengers for a short time, is one of the most important transportation systems implemented on the European side, and makes a difference with its technology and technical team. SHORT TIME Starting to carry passengers, the 21,7-kilometer-long Otogar-Bağcılar-Başakşehir-Olimpiyatköy Metro Line is one of the most important transportation systems implemented on the European side, as well as making a difference with its technology and technical team. One of the features of the line, which makes Başakşehir residents the convenience of transportation they have been waiting for a long time, is that it has female drivers. Metro line that can carry 111 thousand passengers per hour; Metrokent, Başak Konutları, Siteler, Turgut Özal, İkitelli Industry, Olimpiyat, Ziya Gökalp Mahallesi, İstoç, Mahmutbey, Yeni Mahalle, Kirazlı, Bağcılar, Üçyüzlü, Menderes, Esenler Otogar, 5 of which are light Metro, 11 of which are in the Metro There are 16 stations.
In order for citizens to travel comfortably, the 'Control Center of Kirazlı Metro Line' located in Başakşehir Depot area works with a 14/7 system with 24 personnel. Being the secret heroes of the Metro, the team monitors the existing stations with 556 cameras, manages, manages and maintains the trains with its modern equipment, and responds to malfunctions instantly.
Tamer Beder, the Head of Operations of the Center, explains the operation as follows: “Our current stations are constantly monitored by 41 cameras, 556 of which are mobile. The control of all areas, the entrance and exit of the passengers and the arrivals and departures of the vehicles are monitored. In case of any incident, our team at the center can contact external sciences (police, ambulance, fire brigade) depending on the content of the incident. The personnel working at the Control Center start their duty after completing 56 months of in-service training and passing the exams.
Standing out with its technological infrastructure, Metro, all measures have been taken for any malfunctions that may occur. There is a generator feed from two main centers for power cut. In order to prevent the passengers from being victims of power outages and breakdowns, the trains in the tunnel are pulled up to the station and there are generators to safely take the passengers out of the station. Continuous control is provided through the 'Traffic Session Panels' in the Control Center. In the panel called traffic session, all trains are dispatched and managed. Operators arrange the train services according to the passenger density and take the trains to park at the end of the day. In the center where routine cleaning and maintenance of trains are arranged; power lines and signaling processes are monitored through the system.
Explaining the statements of the citizens that there are too many transfers, the Operator explained that the Metro Line will be integrated with other lines in the upcoming period, “Kirazlı Metro will be in the center position as it will be integrated with other lines in the coming periods. It is very normal to make a transfer as the projects are made step by step. When the Istanbul Metro, which operates between Taksim and 4 Levent, was first opened, it carried very few passengers, but minibuses were removed, and the number of passengers increased with the integrated work of this line. In the future, a passenger from Başakşehir will be able to cross over to Yenikapı or to the European side via Marmaray if they wish. Passengers getting on from Mahmutbey will be able to go to Şişli. Our Kirazlıline will extend to Bakırköy ”
Beder, who made transportation to the metro significantly easier and gave information about the Ring services implemented with the initiatives of Başakşehir Municipality, said: “Interviews were made with IETT to ensure the integration of the passengers from Başakşehir into the Metro and 11 Ring lines were opened. Our passengers from Başakşehir can also use both the ring line and the Metro with a single ticket. "
Başakşehir Metro draws attention with its female drivers as well as its technical superiority. Two female drivers work on Başakşehir Metro Line. Gülay Cin, who has been an operator on subway lines for 8 years, chose this profession, influenced by Turkish movies. Cin can use 4 different Metro type vehicles on the line: “I used to work in the health sector before. The trains in the Turkish movies I watched in my childhood impressed me. I chose this profession because I also love driving. I have been married for 12 years, I have two children. My wife and family supported me. I trained for 4,5 months, passed the exams. This profession is not like driving a car. We need to follow the technical follow-up of the vehicle and follow the passengers. "I recommend this profession to all women who are interested in trains." Expressing that the passengers were very surprised when they saw a female driver, Gülay Cin said: “Passengers are surprised first, then congratulate me. There are those who say, 'You finally took this profession away from us'.

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