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Take the bike to the bicycle: Those who believe that the bike is the best alternative to the traffic in Istanbul, made action to use public transportation when they need it.
The Bicycles Transport Platform (BUP), which was established to raise public awareness about bicycles, was also in action. KadıköyAccording to the report of Gökçe Uygun, platform member cyclists KadıköyThey defended the "right to ride the metrobus by bicycle" in their protests in The activists who came together on Sunday, January 19 and took an awareness tour by pedaling 15 kilometers on Fahrettin Kerim Gökay and Bağdat Street, took the first step towards the demand of "carrying a bicycle in the metrobus at noon". After the tour, the group went to Söğütlüçeşme Metrobus and submitted a petition containing their demands. Engin Ertekin, who made a statement on behalf of BUP, said that those who cannot use their bicycles while going to work or school due to the time and vehicle limitation imposed on the transportation of bicycles in public transportation in Istanbul, asked for work on the integration of the bicycle into public transportation.
Ertekin said, “We seem to hear you asking how to ride the metrobus, which is difficult even for people, by bicycle. Of course, our aim is not to create chaos. However, if you can get on the metrobus with baby carriages and huge loads and suitcases that take up almost as much space as a bicycle, why not ride a bicycle? Why not allow one bicycle per vehicle during lunch hours (for example, between 12:00 and 14:00) outside of peak business hours and when the BRT is relatively less crowded? We will ceaselessly demand together, and we will put the bicycle on the agenda of all municipalities. The bicycle is neither a burden nor a toy. Bicycle is a means of transportation, ”he said.
On the other hand, bicycles can also be carried on the new 110 IETT buses that are put into service in Istanbul. It was stated that thanks to the buses with bicycle apparatus, those who want to can place their bicycles in front of the bus quickly and easily, then get on the bus and travel. Bicycle buses, Kartal-Kadıköy coastal road, Küçükçekmece-Eminönü coastal road, Sarıyer-Kabataş will serve on the lines on the coastal road.
As it is known, the part of the Street that covers the area between Göztepe and Kızıltoprak was separated as a bicycle path in 2012, but before a day passed, all the materials and plates mounted on the road by IMM teams were removed and the bike path was canceled and restored. CHP Istanbul Deputy Kadir Gökmen Öğüt also conveyed the reason for this situation, which attracted the reaction of cyclists, to the Turkish Grand National Assembly. The response to Öğüt's motion came about a year after former Interior Minister Muammer Güler. Güler stated that when the area related to bicycle paths started to be determined with lines, illegal parking that could pose a danger to cyclists was detected in some areas and therefore the project was left unfinished. Stating that the removal of bicycle lanes is not related to traffic congestion, former Interior Minister Güler said that the project will be re-evaluated after the necessary measures and measures are taken. Explaining that a total of 1 kilometers of bicycle path implementation project, 1 kilometers on the Anatolian side and 18 kilometers on the European side, Güler left unanswered the questions of CHP deputy Öğüt's questions regarding the establishment and cancellation of the bicycle path and who were responsible.


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