The Yenikapı Community from Marmaray Excavations was examined

The Yenikapı community from the Marmaray excavations was examined: The bone and head stones belonging to the ancient ages from the Marmaray excavations were examined and important findings about the people living in that period were reached.
The bone and head stones belonging to ancient times from the excavations of Marmaray were examined and important findings about the physical structures, feeding patterns and social lives of the people living in that period were reached.
Regarding AA correspondent, Yıldız Technical University Istanbul Historical Peninsula Application and Research Center (İSTYAM) Biological Material Investigation Commission President Mehmet Görgülü said that they have examined the thousand-year skeletons mainly from the Marmaray excavations.
Görgülü stated that the people living in Yenikapı had a good diet, and said:
“We call these 'Yenikapı society'. These people are port society. In the examinations on the skeletons removed from excavations in various parts of Anatolia, it was determined that there were serious problems about nutrition. We have reached the information that the people in the port community, which we call the Yenikapı community, are not in trouble in terms of nutrition. We found a very serious regularity in the 20s of these people. Nowadays, 20's teeth are becoming quite a problem. However, when we examined the jaw bones from the excavations, we found that the 20's teeth were neat and tidy. We attribute this situation to the eating habits of that period and today. ”
“We also managed to extract DNA from 24 samples from bones”
Görgülü stated that they made investigations on children's skeletons and reached some findings.
He said that among the people, there was a belief that the old people were gigantic and large, but in the examinations, they saw that they were not true.
Gorgulu, investigations in the physical structure of the people living in that period were also related to the determination of the transfer, he continued his speech:
“In the examinations we conducted on skeletons, we found that these people were of medium height as a physical structure. Women are around 1.58-1.59 meters, men are around 1.60-1.68 meters. We reached the information that there were many child deaths at that time. There were many child skeletons. The medical conditions of that period caused infectious diseases, natural disasters, environmental factors, and child mortality. If we compare it with today, of course it is not advanced. While the average life expectancy of children was around 13 years old, the life span of adults was around 30-35 years old. We also managed to extract DNA from 24 samples from the bones. Because they were not from ancient times. Among them, we were able to learn the mother's lineage in 11 and where it came from. For example, it turned out that the maternal lineage of these people came from Asia Minor and Mesopotamia. At the moment, we cannot say anything about father lineages.

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