Marmaray excavations shed light on the historical secrets of 1000 years ago

The excavations at Marmaray shed light on the historical secrets of 1000 years ago: The thousand-year-old skeletons from the Marmaray excavations were examined: No food shortages The 20 teeth are like pearls. But the life time 30-35 year Ama
Bones and skulls belonging to the ages of a thousand years from the excavations carried out for Marmaray connecting the two continents were examined. Mehmet Görgülü, Head of the Center for the Application and Research of the Biological Material Research Center at the Historical Peninsula, talked about the findings of the physical structures, feeding patterns and social lives of the people living at that time: We learned that there were many child deaths at that time. There were so many child skeletons. While the average life expectancy of the children was around 1.58, the life span of adult people was around 1.59-1.60. We have come to the knowledge that the people in the port society, which we call Yenikapı society, are not very distressed in terms of nutrition. We also found a very serious flatness in the 1.68 teeth of these people.
According to the DNA samples obtained from the bones, the lineage of the people living in Yenikapi a thousand years ago is based on Asia Minor and Mesopotamia.
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The construction of Marmaray, which combines the European and Asian continents of Istanbul, started at 2004. 14 km between Ayrılıkçeşme and Kazlıçeşme was put into service on October 29. 2013 ships, harbors, fortifications, tunnels, royal tombs, 36 thousand 8 footprints were found during the excavations. The remains found in the excavations will be exhibited in the Yenikapı Archaeological Site.

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