Port operations of the defendants' lawyer made a statement

Port operations of the defendant's lawyer made the statement: In the operation held earlier last week, TCDD Port officials in the senior bureaucrats, port employees and the owners of the company doing business in the port 14 echoes the arrest of the person is continuing.
Port operations of the defendants' lawyer spoke
The echo of the arrest of 14 people, including senior bureaucrats at the TCDD Port operations, port employees and owners of the companies operating in the port, continues in the operation held last week. The lawyer Aykut Dikencik, whose client was arrested under the lawsuit, criticized the prosecutor who conducted the investigation, violating the principle of 'irrefutable principle.'
Stating that the listening began in February 2011 without a whistle-blower, reports were made to non-specialists in July 2013, and an operation was carried out in January 2014, Dikencik said, “The prosecutor, without any tip or tip-off letter in the middle, acted contrary to the procedure and made unlimited listening. Then, two experts who had nothing to do with the report were prepared and an operation was carried out according to these reports. ”
Dikencik said that the prosecutor made the interviews according to the 220th article covering organized crime and that this item provides unlimited listening opportunity. “The speeches of different dates were combined and a crime was created. Again, the same prosecutor was surprised that the detainees referred to the court not for the crime of establishing an organization, being a member of the organization, but for bribing and taking bribes and mischief in the tender. This incident clearly demonstrated that the prosecutor disregarded procedural practice. Unlimited hearings on those charged with bribing, taking and blaming on tender are invalid. Because these crimes are not in the field of gang investigation, "he said.
Stating that the public prosecutor Ali Çelik released 23 persons in the investigation file, which included 4 tape recordings of 9 people, and sent 14 people to the court with the request of arrest, Lawyer Aykut Dikencik said, “The prosecutor who conducts the investigation as if he was following an organized crime, and who took the listening records from the courts with these supports, sent the suspects to the court for their crimes, not to establish an organization, to be a member of an organization and to commit organized crime, but to give and receive bribes, to involve in the tender. The investigation file was sent to the Magistrate's Court judge on duty, as there was no criminal organization. The sentence of the suspect and lawyers, who listened to the defense of the suspects and lawyers for about 5 hours, decided to arrest 14 people for their crimes. The judge did not ask the suspects a single question for gang crime. This showed that the prosecutor's investigation from the head of the brain was against the procedure. The prosecutor made decisions from the courts on the principle of being an organization in the middle, made illegal hearings and finally realized that he was not an organization. It is clear that the prosecutor has committed a brain violation. ”
Lawyer Aykut Dikencik, who said that the suspects who were detained in the Port operation carried out by Ali Çelik, the investigative prosecutor of the court in İzmir Courthouse, started to be heard in 2011, said, “After the hearings made under the gang, the prosecutor was still working with the retired SSI Administrative Chief Inspector in July 2013. He has a report prepared for the Chief Inspector. Investigators appointed as experts stated in their reports that suspects are gang crime, even though they do not have the fields. Thereupon, the prosecutor Ali Çelik is pushing the button into the operation, taking into account the reports of both inspectors. However, the detained suspects appeared before the judge not for gang crime, but for bribes and bribes. The prosecutor, who conducted the investigation, did not even take the testimony of the suspects. ”
Stating that it is desired to combine speeches from different dates and create a crime in irregular phone taps, Dikencik said, “Those who were arrested were shown their telephone tape records with each other and asked questions such as 'why did you say this, what did you want here, what does this mean?' We have noticed that the police, who did not get satisfactory answers to these questions, added comments such as 'he said this, he meant this, it means' in brackets to some parts of the talks recorded in tapes. However, speeches were held on different dates. Then it was merged and an element of crime was created. ”
Claiming that many people were victimized and launched as if they were guilty to the public in the operation carried out by ignoring the Turkish Penal Code procedures, Dikencik said, “Simultaneous operations were carried out in 5 provinces based in Izmir. Many people were brought to Izmir on charges of organization. They were arrested not for organizational crime, but for bribes and bidders. Izmir police did not provide information to prosecutors on law enforcement in other provinces. This does not comply with the procedural regulations. I will file a criminal complaint about the law enforcement officers who have questioned gang suspects against Ali Çelik, the prosecutor who did not follow the procedure, if my clients, whose lawyer I assumed, had permission. ”

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