Lamb Feast at the Palandoken Ski Center

A Feast of Lamb at Palandöken Ski Center: İbrahim Polat, Chairman of the Board of POLAT Group, made lambs at the summit of Palandöken for the guests he brought from Istanbul to Erzurum….

Polat Renaissance, which has been operating in Palandöken Ski Center since 1993, entered the new season with an investment of 5 million lira with a pond, artificial snow system, new and illuminated tracks. Ibrahim Polat welcomed his guests from Istanbul to the opening ceremony of the additional facilities at the Polat Renaissance Hotel, and turned a lamb in front of the Polat-2 Cafe, which is 700 meters above sea level. The guests boiled the lamb first and then roasted it on wood fire, and then they skied and toured Palandöken with a snowmobile. Stating that İbrahim Polat showed unforgettable hospitality, the guests said that they had a dream-like holiday in Palandöken.

Stating that they make Palandöken snow in Palandöken even if there is a drought, Erzurumlu İbrahim Polat said, “Palandöken is a magnificent place. We served lamb to the guests in such a beautiful place. Bon Appetit. My only wish is peace in our country, the rest is not important. We built facilities by spending millions of liras in these mountains, where we came 20 years ago, and opened them to everyone's service. May it be nice. My only wish is the rapid increase in the number of hotels. We equipped all of the tracks with an artificial snow making system so that tourism is not hitting the road when it does not snow. Whether it snows or not, the ski season will start in December and end in April every year. We have illuminated the tracks, he will be able to ski at night, which is not enough for skiing all day long ”.