The Dangerous Journey of Villagers through a Primitive Cable Car

📩 24/11/2018 12:51

The Dangerous Journey of the Villagers with the Primitive Cable Car: People living in the Tevekli District of Giresun's Güce district still provide transportation on the Gelivera Creek in a primitive manner. The residents of the neighborhood, who did not have a bridge or a road, found the solution to build a cable car on the Gelivera Stream.

The villagers, who developed a ropeway on the Gelivera Stream with their own means in a primitive way, are trying to provide their transportation from here. Not only citizens but also children of primary school age who go to school can reach the school where they will be educated after a dangerous journey by cable car. Children who try to go to school by climbing on the 10-meter-long cable car at a height of 80 meters to cross the Gelivera Creek are defying the danger. The students, who took a journey on the cable car, which did not even have handrails, said they had no other choice. Students who pulled the ropes used to cross the road themselves, in the absence of their adults, reported that they were most afraid of floods.

Metin Cebeci, one of the residents of the neighborhood, stated that they have been trying to build a bridge for years and said: “But we failed. This situation is very dangerous for our children. Although we are affiliated to Güce district, our students study in Espiye district. Our students, who come across our neighborhood with a transport vehicle, have to reach the neighborhood by cable car from here. Transportation by cable car takes 5 minutes. If you try to go on foot to cross the nearest bridge, you have to walk 7-8 kilometers. It is impossible for us to reach by cable car when it snows in winter. There is no office or position that we did not apply to build a bridge. Election times are promised and then forgotten. "

Expressing that he had to carry his loads first on his back and then cross the cable car, Gürsel Cebeci said: “Not only our children, men but also women have to use the cable car. The ropeway has become the destiny of our village. Our eyes stay on the roads. We live in fear that something will happen to our children in the morning and evening. "

Although the district is connected to the town of the power of all relations with the town of Espiye pointed out that the Provincial Assembly Member Mehmet Dursun, Esp This is a neighborhood connected to the town of Güce. But the school, call Sunday everything is related to the district of Espiye. This place is sure to need a bridge. A bridge should be built as a result of the attempts of the politicians of our districts. We are ready to do our part, Biz he said.


The Mayor of Güce, Osman Karabatak, who stated that they cannot build bridges with the means of the municipality, continued his words as follows: “The road ordeal of our district's Tevekli neighborhood residents is true. We, as well as them, worry about the children and residents of the neighborhood who have to use the ropeway. We have made some attempts to build this bridge. But we have seen that as a municipality we cannot handle this. We are ready to support our municipalities, but we are not in a position to do so as the only municipality.