Konya-Istanbul YHT line and Hz. Mevlana and Eyüp Sultan will be next

With the Konya-Istanbul YHT line, Hz. Mevlana and Eyüp Sultan will be neighbors: Lütfi Elvan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, addressed the parties at the Konya Mayor Candidates Promotion Meeting. Elvan gave the gospel of YHT to the citizens in his speech.
Turkey's eighth in the world using the High Speed ​​Rail technology, Elvan stating that the sixth country in Europe, the AK Party, transport and communications policy, said that the most important milestone in the development of the saw.
Under this policy will come to Turkey to carry the vision project implemented voicing Elvan, "we have equipped with double road every corner of our country. We have completed about 17 thousand kilometers of divided road. "Before our AK Party, only 6 cities are connected by divided roads, while today 74 provinces are connected by divided roads."
“We have made the airway the way of the people. In 2013 alone, more than 150 million airlines were transported. Now flights to 236 destinations worldwide. We brought fiber internet infrastructure to the remotest corner of our country. We have created an internet infrastructure of over 200 thousand kilometers, ”said Elvan.“ By starting work on domestic satellite and aircraft production, we demonstrate the determination of aviation and space. In short, we have realized the dreams in land, sea, railways and informatics. Marmaray, which was imagined before centuries, was realized in our period. Istanbul takes 4 minutes by train from one side of the other to the other side, and works continue in the Eurasia Tunnel. One of the construction of the third bridge will do more work ... Turkey is the world's top 10 largest economies. "
“YHT and Hz. Mevlana and Eyüp Sultan will be neighbors ”
Explaining that YHT has become the sine qua non of Konya, Elvan continued as follows: “I would like to give our good news that our citizens of Konya, who travel to Ankara and Eskişehir via YHT, will travel to Istanbul with YHT shortly. In a very short period of time, we have completed the Eskişehir-İstanbul YHT project and testing works are continuing in many parts of it, and we will present it to you. Now, a citizen living in Konya will have the opportunity to reach Istanbul in 4.5 hours. So Hz. Mevlana and Eyüp Sultan will be neighbors. Our citizens of Konya will be able to visit the historical sights of Istanbul and return to Konya again in the evening with YHT. The same situation is valid for our citizens of Istanbul… Millions of our citizens will respond to Mevlana's 'come' call faster with YHT. ”
Minister Elvan drew attention to providing transportation to the sea in order to take a step forward in the competition and said: “We are in search of delivering all the goods and services produced by our Konya industrialists, Konya, the industrial and production base of Central Anatolia. Within this framework, the tender for Konya-Karaman YHT Project has been completed, its contract has been completed and the contractor firm has started work. Besides, there is YHT project that will connect Karaman to Mersin. We included this in the investment program. Hopefully we will tender this project in a few months. We will have taken one of the most important steps of our high speed train project that will connect Konya to both Mersin and Adana. ”
"No one will remain under the tutelage of Turkey"
To avoid the investments made in Turkey and the services that intensive efforts on the internal and external outbreaks pointing Elven, said: "One to avoid services we make in Turkey are now working intensively supplies. You are also living witnesses of increasing attacks in recent days. Will they succeed? Theyll. Because our nation, you will not allow this. They try to discredit our government, they hit our economy, they don't want us to build an airport. They don't want us to do big projects. They do not want Turkey to develop and grow. Internal and external outbreaks, with elements of fighting against Turkey, we will continue to fight together. As long as your support, these outbreaks can not perform anything, Turkey to grow, will continue to strengthen. Turkey will continue to take their own decisions, no one will remain under the tutelage of.


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