New Year's Eve in Kartalkay

New Year's Enthusiasm in Kartalkaya: Vacationers at the ski resort Kartalkaya in Bolu welcomed the New Year with fireworks and sexy dance performances.

The holidaymakers who welcomed the new year at Kartalkaya at the summit of the Köroğlu mountains had fun While the stage was set up in the area in front of the hotels, in Kartalkaya, where the air temperature reached 10 degrees below zero, holidaymakers were warmed by the giant fire. Hot wine was served to the holidaymakers who had a great time in front of the hotels. The holidaymakers, who started to have fun with music just seconds before 2014, celebrated the New Year by hugging each other and lighting torches when the hours showed 00.00.

The holidaymakers who watched the fireworks show were furious with sexy dance shows and music. The holidaymakers celebrated the New Year, having fun until late hours, ignoring the cold weather.