Karşıyaka tram project not known by the people of Izmir

Karşıyaka tram project is not known by the people of Izmir: AK Party Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Candidate Binali Yildirim, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Karşıyaka Claiming that the Tram Project is a project that has not been discussed sufficiently by the public and has drawbacks, he said, “That tram project was not known enough by the people of İzmir and was not discussed. It is a project that will divide the coast and the city in two. ”
Yıldırım, within the scope of the election activities, Karşıyakamet with representatives of NGOs.
Lightning chatted with journalists before the event, which was closed to the press at the Provinces' House. Karşıyaka He argued that the tram project he prepared for the city would divide the district in two by setting a bar between the coast and the city.
Yildirim, the criticism on this issue, before the Chamber of City Planners Izmir Branch President Özlem Şenyol Kocer "political criticism" was reminded that the following comments on the following:
Iyor Political is not the idea of ​​that project. You say I support or not. It's her. If they're right, there's nothing to say. That tram project was not adequately known by the people of Izmir, it was not discussed. The project will divide the city into two. Today, on IZBAN, especially Şemikler, Çiğli region divides the city into two controversies. Same
The thing is true for the tram. The fact that there is a new tramway between Mustafa Kemal Boulevard and the buildings will severely limit access between the coast and the buildings. We will develop vertical transport in our municipality. We'il bring people to the seaside, and we're gonna cross over. No ear from the back. Public transport in parallel to the coast is never an efficient transportation in metropolitan cities. Ile
Kocaoğlu's candidacy assessment
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, "Binali Yıldırım from the AK Party, I would not have been not a candidate," he said about the words of Aziz Bey, "I do not need to make a comment. He expressed his own opinion. I am happy to compete with Aziz Bey. We have no problems. Herhangi

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