Favorite of the Railway Train Companies

naci montenegro
naci montenegro

The favorite of the railway train companies: Two of the steam locomotives that have witnessed a period but have been replaced by diesel and electric locomotives by developing technology, are now being devoted to film and advertising shootings on demand.

The voyages of steam locomotives, which were defeated by the technology, started to decline after 1978 with the introduction of diesel and electric locomotives. Some of the steam locomotives, whose expeditions were completely removed until 1990, were scrapped and some were drawn to museums.

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), already two steam locomotives that were available in Uşak and Konya became the favorite of film production company with tour operators in recent years. Two locomotives have been used recently for film, advertising and touristic visits.

TCDD Uşak Station Manager Himmet Akçay said in a statement to AA correspondent that 13 steam locomotives were available in Uşak and 11 of them were deducted from the inventory because they were idle and unusable.
Explaining that there is a steam locomotive working in Uşak, Akçay said that this is used for film and advertisement shooting and touristic excursions.

“Our steam locomotives were manufactured in Germany in the 1930s and 1940s, and actually operated until the 1990s. With the introduction of diesel and electric locomotives, steamers took their places deep in history as their traction was weaker. It can operate as currently active in Uşak and Konya in Turkey, including two cases have steam locomotive. These are allocated to the shooting of movies and advertisements with the instructions received after the contract in Ankara. Shooting is done in Uşak, because the train in Konya is heavy in traffic there. ”

“They take part in an average of 5-6 productions per year”

Cemil Çavdar, the machinist of the steam locomotive in Uşak, stated that he started working in Afyonkarahisar Loko Maintenance Workshop as a firefighter in 1981 and later worked as a firefighter in steam locomotives in Uşak between 1983-1990.

According to the state of the load a day by throwing 10-15 tonnes of coal in the quarry for years served in the train voicing Çavdar, described the work of the locomotive:

“In order to be able to move the steam locomotives, it first starts to burn with the wood in the furnace, then the coal is thrown. with this kazanThe water boils and we get steam. The piston of the locomotive moves by lowering the vapors into the cylinders through the pipes and providing compression, which moves the iron system connected to the wheels, thus the locomotive moves.

Rye, stating that steam locomotives are now used in filming and advertising shooting and take part in an average of 5-6 productions per year. Because even train traffic continues, in case of a breakdown, we have a diesel locomotive behind it for safety. ”

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