Hotels in snowy ski resorts

Hotels were filled snowed ski resorts: One of the important winter tourism centers of Turkey Ilgaz Mountain in a few days were filled with all the hotel reservations become available thanks to snow ski that is effective rainfall.

The head of the Çankırı Ski Coaches Association, Imdat Half, said in a statement to the AA reporter that the snow thickness has reached a sufficient level in the ski center in the Çankırı part of Ilgaz Mountain at an altitude of 2, 587 meters.

Explaining that the ski lovers show interest in the snow centers due to the fact that the schools are on a semester break, Half said, “In the ski center, which has a snow shortage this winter season, the snow thickness has exceeded 50 centimeters and the expected reservations have been made. As of the weekend, the hotels of Yıldıztepe and Ilgaz Doruk will reach 100 percent occupancy. ”

Half, both in terms of Ilgaz winter tourism in both Turkey voicing the most important ski resort in the western Black Sea, the center can be easily reached from neighboring cities noted.