Izmir Tram Street

İzmir Tram: How do you look at the same days?
I saw it there, every morning and every evening. When you look at the remote, it looks nice, so don't ask!
They're asking for color!
What color is there? It looks good. And what happens if it's green, what happens if it's red?
I'm talking to a cabbie friend. He also pays for the benefit of bread and is associated with a sense of tramway associated work. Both of them will carry passengers, and they will generally serve as urban transport.
Ab They shook themselves, brother, “he said and added;
Emiş They put a few meters of rail in it! There's something called a shame! Ay
Then I looked at it carefully and then I thought once again; Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, one of the new ministers of AKP, Fikri Isik, who took the tram to walk and waving to people, and then I once again embarrassed, the national media said that the news in our city Başkan
So that's the point of view. They can't think more. They are trying to get a tram that they can't walk for years and they won't be able to play. In fact, it shouldn't be too much. I think it is necessary not to expect too much from the entrance to Izmit, who made a transportation plan that made the exit from Izmit so difficult.

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