Izmit Tram If I Don't Walk

If I don't pass the İzmit Tram, the Metropolitan Municipality seems to be determined this time. Pleasant, before the local elections of 2009 "Rail System", "Tram" had promised, they could not keep. But this time the situation is different.
In Izmit, the 7 kilometer or even tram; Between Yarımca and Uzuntarla, President Karaosmanoğlu for the rail system on the D-100, pressed the button. In Izmit, the term for the tram that is planned to work on the 7 kilometer route, is the beginning of 2015. I mean, a year later ... But apparently, the tram arrives in the city.
The tram cabin, which is planned to be used in Izmit, is expected to be installed in Anıtpark Square today and is expected to be mounted for display purposes. When I find the first opportunity, I would like to go and visit the first tramway station in Izmit.
Both AKP managers and Metropolitan President Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu know very well from their surveys that the people most complain about in this city are the subject of transportation. People have a hard time going from place to place in Izmit. We have poor quality, uncomplicated, jammed and expensive public transport system. Moreover, the public does not complain only to the public transport. The minibusists who undertake this service, and the managers of the cooperative they depend on are also in trouble. Izmit needs more economic, more people at the same time and a more comfortable transportation system.
The first stage of the tram, planned for the city center of Izmit, will be built on the 7 kilometer. The West Terminal will start in front of the old Seka's workers' entrance door, enter the city center in front of the Izmit Branch of the Central Bank, and reach the Otogar in front of the SDKM.
7 stall is planned on the 11 kilometer. The second stage of the tram will pass through İnönü Street and reach the West Terminal in front of the Girls' Vocational High School. This is the second stage, the long business .. The project is planned to be open to the project.
Now we have the first tram to pass through the city center in front of us. This project will radically change the structure of the city center of Izmit. He's going to finish a lot of habits in this city. Therefore, we need to discuss well. When doing a good job, the future of the city should not be damaged.
The city center will be pedestrianized along with the tram project. On the two sides of the Walkway, Hürriyet and Cumhuriyet Streets will be banned. Of course, it is not possible to ban 7 hours of 24 hours of any vehicle on these two streets. They have workplaces. There's a shipment of goods. I believe that some limited time will be allowed in some days.
My main subject is; It is thought to pass the tram through the Walkway. This area, which has served as a hiking path since 100, where the 1999 is a few years old train, is an area that makes Izmit very different from all the world cities.
The walking path of our city is really a very special itinerary. It is good to walk here when it snows in winter. It is better to walk on the yellow leaves poured from the tiles in the autumn, hearing the rustles coming from those leaves. Especially in spring, when the plane trees on both sides of the Walkway open their fresh leaves, you feel as if you are walking in a green tunnel. Enter the hiking path in the hottest days of summer, the leaves do not heat the sun, the Walkway is a cool, shady area like a natural air conditioner. In the heat of summer, sitting on the shore in a thousand banks, even in the shade is a pleasure.
Now, you will pass the tram through this Walkway. However, the vehicles banned in the streets of Hürriyet and Cumhuriyet. Even if we pass the tram through one of these two streets, if we leave the Walkway, which is covered with centuries old plane trees, in the present state, wouldn't it be better to walk there in the 4 season?
I'm very uncomfortable with the prospect of re-railing. I think one of the streets of Hürriyet or Cumhuriyet is more suitable for tram.
Of course, this is not the only issue that should be considered when bringing the tram into the city center. What will be Alemdar Street when you prevent the entrance of two main streets in the city center? We need to discuss now.
If you don't want to go to Hürriyet and Cumhuriyet Streets, both Alemdar Street and Abdurrahman Yüksel Street will be completely blind. We have to re-plan the exit from In-Street to Aönü Cad.
We need to rethink the function of Leyla Atakan Street. When Hürriyet and Cumhuriyet Streets close to vehicles, all the vehicles entering the city center will be parked on İnönü Street and it is necessary to think about it.
So, this work, Anıt I bring the tram today and put it in the Anıtpark. Come citizen, see the tinsel before the election, like the color öncesi not. If public transport is to be started by tram one year later in the center of this city, we need to discuss this in depth and to re-plan the city center. Undoubtedly, while carrying the issue of this tram into the city's agenda, it is necessary to think of the situation of the city minibusers who are in distress for many years.
However, I think the most important thing is to protect the way of walking between historical plane trees and adding a unique beauty and beauty to Izmit in the world. I can't make it into that road, and I can't dig into that plane again. I'm thinking the tramway goes down the street, the Walkway is a pedestrian.

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