Mayor of Izmit examined Dogan tram

📩 29/11/2018 18:16

Mayor of Izmit examined the tram: Mayor of Izmit; Nevzat Doğan, made a survey on the tram exhibited in the Anıtpark. President Dogan said that the tram project, which will be put into service as of 2015, will contribute greatly to the transportation and traffic problem in İzmit. In 12 station will take place on the route that will start from SEKA Park until the Intercity Bus Terminal. The color of the tram, which will be exhibited in the Anıtpark for a month and will last about a month, will determine the color of the tram. 12 model and 6 are very important for us. We expect all the Izmit people to participate in the survey, ız he said. Providing information about the tram project to citizens, Doğan Doğan said, Başkan Our goal is to publicize the city center. This project is very important for this.


  1. THIS Tramway is not Bursa Metropolitan Municipality.

  2. Yes in Bursa Durmazlar The first domestic tram silkworm produced by

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