İZBAN line is in Torbalı

İZBAN line is soon in Torbalı: The construction of the İZBAN line, which is continuing at a great pace, is approaching a happy ending. After the overpasses that started to open one by one, the countdown was accelerated. Fast, safe and comfortable travel opportunities in Torbalı
The construction of the İZBAN line continues at great speed. In the project realized jointly by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and the Ministry of Transport, asphalts of the overpasses within the scope of İZBAN line started to be poured. With the construction of İZBAN line from Cumaovası to Torbalı, 2 meters of iron railings were placed along the line in terms of environmental security.
The works for the extension of the Aliağa-Menderes Suburban System, which is realized under the partnership of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and the Ministry of Transport, continue to be extended to Torbalı. The 30 station on the 4 kilometer line and the 7 highway sub-overpass now countdown. While the Ministry of 4 STATION and 7 SUB-UP, the Ministry completes the construction of the line, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality continues to make the construction of the stations, underpasses and overpasses falling on its own.
How to make the overpasses on the İZBAN line which will solve the transportation problem of Torbalı in a fundamental way was also a great curiosity. Within the scope of the İZBAN line project, overpasses are constructed in the Torbalı Neighborhood Passage, Government House Gate, Market Place Pass, Kuşçuburun and Beet Crossings. These overpasses can pass vehicles as well as pedestrians. Thanks to these overpasses, vehicle traffic will continue in its normal course. Pedestrians will be able to use the vehicle overpasses. In this way, there will be no obstacles to crossing the citizens.
The current one-line railway from Cumaovasi to Torbalı was removed by TCDD on two lines. The construction of the protection walls of the line, the signaling and electrification systems in line with the line of Aliaga-Cumaovası Torbalı-Tepeköy'ta extension, again is carried out by TCDD. Passengers departing from Aliağa and the city center with the introduction of the line; It will make a safe, fast, uninterrupted and comfortable journey to Torbali. The passengers of Selçuk, Bayındır, Tire and Ödemiş will be able to travel by rail from Torbalı to İzmir center and from there to Aliağa. When the line is in operation, the distance between Torbalı Tepeköy and Cumaovası will be around 30-25.
Pedestrian overpasses will be constructed directly opposite Kazımpaşa Primary School and Barış Yapı Site. Thanks to these overpasses that will be lifted, citizens can easily cross the street and go to school and institution buildings. The length of the overpasses was 9 meters high. There is an 30 overpass on the 9 kilometer.
Torbalı Mahallesi: The overpass, which will start from the butcher station, will end in front of Varlık Market after passing over the level crossing.
Government Building: The overpass, which will rise from the front of the Taşkın Pasajı, will complete its landing in front of Pizza La Sera.
Market Overpass: The overpass, which will start a few meters ahead of the closed market place entrance, will end next to the open market area next to Muratbey Mosque.
Pedestrian Overpasses: One of the overpasses to be designed as an elevator will be placed opposite the Kazımpaşa Primary School and the other will be placed on the walkway opposite the Peace Building Site. Thus, Torbali will be prevented from dividing into two.

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