Here is Binali Yildirim's 11 annual ministry carnet

Here Binali Yildirim's annual ministerial 11 Carnet: Transportation Minister Yildirim, Turkey, with the breakthrough of 260 billion dollar project. Eurasia Tunnel Project launched, xnumx'ünc Airport, xnumx'ünc Bridge, Canal Istanbul, Turkey Izmit-Gebze will be a global player when the bridge project is complete.
Transportation in Turkey, navigation and communication in giant projects in the former Maritime Transport and Communications Minister Binali signing up studies will be the envy of the passing world by lightning 11 years by full 260 billion dollar contracts surpassed the budget of many countries in the world and Turkey is resounding in the world of global actor did.
Turkey's prestige is rising
Yildirim, who was the Minister of Transportation since the AK Party came to power in 3 in November, became the only name during the first prime minister of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and during the later AK Party Governments. In addition to Marmaray, which is known as 'the project of the century', which contributed to the resolution of the traffic problem of Istanbul, works of important projects such as Eurasia Tube Passage Project, 2002 Airport, 3'inci Bridge, Kanal Istanbul, İzmit-Gebze Bridge Project continues. With the realization of the project completed Turkey's income increases, prestige worldwide will rise as well.
High-speed rail: Turkey's forty-year dream of high-speed railway In the 2007 He had brought a new breath to pass lightning transportation to life. Yildirim, 2023'da many cities in Anatolia 'fast' transportation planned and the goal of the centenary of the Republic of the 9 thousand 978 speed line wanted to build a train line. Currently in many provinces of Turkey's fastest trains continue working while in many provinces. Through this project, the distance traveled by the developed countries of Turkey was 30 years 6 years have floor.
-MARMARAY: Marmaray, which is considered as the most important project in the railway and is considered as the, project of the century as, started its activities in the period of Binali Yıldırım. Marmaray, which provides a great solution to the problem of public transportation in Istanbul, is also the backbone of the rail system. With the rail system in Istanbul, the ratio of public transport by 12s to 28s has increased. Marmaray, which combines the historic Silk Road in a modern way from the sea, has reduced the transit time between Asia and Europe to 4 minutes.
-AVRASYA TUBE PROJECT: The works of the Eurasia Road Tube Crossing Project, which is described as Av Brother of Marmaray YA continues. The project will connect the settlements between the old Istanbul's European and Asian continents at the shortest distance. As the deepest highway project in the world under the submarine. In 2011 the foundation of this project will be completed in 2015. With the introduction of the tunnel, citizens who use this transition will use the internet and phone without interruption.
-Third AIRPORT: Turkey sleeves rolled up to the third airport in Turkey, which will bring the aviation sector into a global player. With the launch of the third airport, the 150 6 will be one of the largest airports in the world. Turkey will be left behind with the third airport is an important milestone in achieving their goals and aviation 2023 22 billion euros tendered at a cost airport, 100 billion worth of resources to be provided to the public. The third airport, which will be launched at the end of 2016, will make Turkish Airlines the world's largest airline company.
Channel Istanbul
Channel Istanbul, the 'crazy project' of Prime Minister Erdogan, will merge the Black Sea and Marmara for the second time. While starting the work of the project, the ship traffic of the Bosphorus will also be relieved. Kanal Istanbul will have a length of approximately 45 and will be provided a significant income to the treasury in case of a fee for cargo ships using Canal Istanbul.
From the continents to the skies
3 Yildirim, who was the Minister of Transport since he came to power in November 2002, became the only name in Prime Minister Erdogan's first cabinet during the reign of Abdullah Gul and also in the period of the next AKP government.
- THIRD BRIDGE: The construction of Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, which will be the third bridge of Istanbul, will be in full swing and 59 will be the largest bridge in the world. Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge is also the longest suspension bridge with 1408 meter and rail system. The most important features of the third bridge are; the fact that it will take over the commercial road traffic, provide the Asian-European transit transportation by rail, and the growing Istanbul will meet the need for an external ring road.
-ISMIT-GEBZE BRIDGE PROJECT: Construction of Izmit-Gebze Bridge, which is the second biggest suspension bridge in the world under construction within the scope of Gebze-Izmir Highway Project, continues. The work is expected to be completed at the end of 2015 and the bridge will be put into service.
-GÖKTÜRK-2 IN SPACE: Turkey sent by lightning during the Gokturk satellite-2 years 2012 complete the work space from China. Gokturk-2, the first satellite manufactured for the purpose of discovery through the history of the Republic of Turkey. In the 2003 coverage consists only from Turkey, today in Europe coverage altogether. Also part of the coverage areas of Asia and Africa still Turkey. The 2023 target is global coverage.



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