Istanbul Tram Lines Map

Istanbul Tram Lines 2020
Istanbul Tram Lines 2020

Istanbul Tram Lines Map: All the details are shown on the Tram Lines Map of Istanbul and click on the map for a larger version of Istanbul Tram Lines Map. The maps are for information purposes only. The Tram Lines Map of Istanbul is attached and click to enlarge. You can also download and print the original Tram Map of Istanbul.

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History of Tram in Istanbul

While Istanbul was the capital of the Ottoman Empire, there were two major tram networks on the Asian and European sides. The lines that first started as horse-drawn tramways and in time changed their place with electric tram and Istanbul Electric Tram and Tunnel operation (İETT) was established. The tram lines, which were built step by step over the years, experienced peaks in 1956 with 56 or 270 trains and 108 million passengers. In the 1960s, after the May 27 revolution, the tram service in the city began to shut down, and in 1966 it was completely stopped. The lines were dismantled and roads were built instead of motor vehicles that could move faster and faster in the conditions of that day.

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