Questioning the cost of Istanbul metro projects

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The cost of Istanbul metro projects is questioned: AKP government cannot explain the exorbitant cost of subway projects compared to its peers. The cost questioning of Istanbul metro projects was the nightmare of AKP power before the local elections. The most important pillar of Marmaray KadıköyThe kilometer of the Eagle metro cost 140 million liras. However, the cost of İzmir Metro built using the same technology is only 56 million lira per kilometer.
Billion differences gloom
Similar astronomical cost difference is seen in comparison with Ankara Metro. The mileage cost of Ankara Metro was announced as 90 million liras. Considering these data, 22 kilometers Kadıköy-The cost difference of Kartal metro reaches 1 billion 800 million liras compared to Ankara Metro.
Questioned scares the AKP
Questioning the cost of the metro was the nightmare of the AKP government before the local elections. Istanbul Grand City in the selection of metro lines and Marmaray as the biggest trumps to use the AKP power, these projects can not explain the exorbitant cost of precedents
29 October 2013 is on the line of Marmaray and extension metro lines opened with a big political show. The cost of the project that the AKP offers to the public as the project of the century is being discussed. It is a well known fact that the first feasibility study was carried out in 1985. However, the AKP government does not hesitate to make propaganda that Marmaray is their own project. Before the local elections, by distorting the facts, he is reaping the votes over Marmaray and metro projects. But these projects are costly compared to their counterparts.
Allegations do not end
The most important leg of Marmaray KadıköyThe cost of the Eagle subway is 140 million lira per kilometer. However, the cost of the Izmir Metro, built using the same technology, is only 56 million lira per kilometer. Istanbul, which is among the few cities of the world not only with its population but also with a municipal budget of 9 billion lira (4.5 billion dollars), is also the center of attention of politicians. It is stated that the biggest propaganda material of AKP, which is little before the local elections, will be Marmaray and its extension metro lines, which were put into service on 29 October last year. However, it has become the fearful dream of the AKP government that the opposition will bring its expensive costs to the agenda in the local election campaign compared to its peers. Because, although 3 months have passed since the opening of Marmaray, claims about exorbitant cost according to their peers are endless.
Comparison of Izmir
The most important leg of Marmaray Kadıköy1 million lira was spent for 140 kilometer of Kartal metro line. When this number is compared to İzmir Metro, there is a serious difference. Because only 56 million lira was spent per kilometer for the Izmir Metro, which was completed in a shorter time. Moreover, using the same technology. EVKA 3-University, Üçyol-Üçkuyular, 2 lines total 8 kilometers. It cost 450 million TL. The mileage is 56 million TL.
Istanbul Municipality built the subway. Kadıköy-The Eagle line. The total is 22 kilometers. It cost 3 billion 100 million TL.
The account is obvious… However, the AKP government can pursue votes with the claim that “We are solving the transportation problem of Istanbul by metro lines”.
Difference from the citizen's pocket
The same technology in both cities and the same wagon built using the cost of the metron confusing the difference out of the citizen's pocket. That's because 90 million pounds per kilometer is quite a serious difference. This money is paid by the tax paid at the same time as the citizens are causing more expensive to ride the subway.
It turns out that a similar difference is also seen in Ankara Metro. The mileage cost of Ankara Metro was announced as 90 million liras. According to these data, 22 kilometers Kadıköy- The difference in the Kartal subway is 1 billion 800 million liras, the estimated difference in the 15-kilometer Ankara Metro is 1 billion 275 million liras.
Shanghai Subway
In Shanghai, which is the largest and most populous city in the world, it is seen that the cost of the subway is still among the topics discussed. The Shanghai Metro, the first leg of which was opened in 1993, consists of 11 separate lines and its total length is 335 kilometers. The 289-kilometer Jiading North-Jiangsu Road, the last line of the metro with 42 stations, opened in 2009. At the same time, the longest line of the subway has been completed in just 3 years. Istanbul KadıköyChina spent 22 kilometers over 3 billion lira for the eagle metro line, while China used the same technology, costing the 400 kilometers line 1.2 billion dollars.
The history of Marmaray! ..
* First feasibility study completed in 1985.
* Feasibility study and re-route
studies on updating,
Completed in 1997.
* JBIC loan agreement with TK-P15,
17 was signed on September 1999.
* In the spring of 2000, the preconception period of the consultants started.
* 28 on August 2000
bidders' offers were received.
* Engineering and Consultancy Services Contract, 13 December 2001 signed with the Eurasian Joint Initiative.
* 15 Consultancy Services on March 2002 was launched.
* 25 on July 2002 geotechnics
studies and investigations were initiated.
* 23 September 2002 was launched in the Bosphorus.
* 2 2002 on the deep sea in the Bosphorus on XNUMX
drillings started.
* 6 On June 2003 BC1 (Rail Tube Tunnel Pass and Stations) Tender Documents were sent to pre-qualified contractors.
* 3 on October 2003 Contractors BC1 (Rail Tube Tunnel Crossing and
stations received.

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