Ottoman train in Israel

The Ottoman train in Israel: Did you know that in the time of the Ottoman Empire, the largest port of Israel today could take the train from Haifa and take the train to the capital of Syria?
A group of Israeli historians continue to look for valuable antique pieces for the future, however, according to the time of this historic railway.
The 71-year-old Israeli historian Yehuda Levanoni was looking for an ancient metal table that was used to turn the 12 degrees of locomotives belonging to the Israel-Damascus railway for years. Since it was only one attractive locomotive on the trains at that time, the locomotive coming from the Damascus direction could be removed from the train and attached to the other end of the train wagons.
At the end Levanoni reached its goal and the ancient locomotive turning plate made by the Ottomans was found under the ground at the southern tip of Lake Kineret in Israel.
The tabla that the Israeli historian found was a part of the railway known as the Israeli Valley Train Line, which was the northern branch of the Damascus-Haifa train line, which was built by the Ottomans.
The aim of the Israeli Levanoni, who has been doing research on this subject for hundreds of years in different state archives of 12 years, is to introduce this magnificent railway success to the world.

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