New Line Surprise on the Silkworm Tram

New Line Surprise to the Silkworm Trolley: The Silkworm tramway, which brought a different atmosphere to the streets, was added to the projects with a surprise line extension while developing with new stages. Returning to Uluyol from the front of the Social Security Institution, İpekböceği will also cross the crossroads with a line extension and continue to the Old Yalova Road SG
Although there were some people who were hesitant at the beginning verilen Although there were some critics because of the traffic problems encountered in the place eye Although there were some protesters against the project, the tram called İpekböceği brought color to the streets of Bursa.
The desired, or targeted capacity has not yet been reached, but as the habit of the trolley develops, the silkworm will undertake important functions as the system sits.
When the new line planning and transportation integration are added, the urban transportation concept will change in Bursa. It's time to conclude that of course. It is a fact that we need to start from somewhere to reach the conclusion.
Mayor Recep Altepe reminded us of his new lines in Every Angle program on Olay Television which we hosted on Friday evening.
On the Yalova Road line. More precisely, the tram line from Kent Square to Terminal and Demirtaş Industrial Zone is a priority.
In the same process Aynı
The tram, which started as a nostalgic tram for the purpose of touristic purposes and changed its wagons after a touristic journey, will also go from Incirli to Ertugrulgazi.
This will not work even Silkworm wagons. Because the system on Cumhuriyet Street is different from the tram that makes the Silkworm tour in Sculpture called the T1 Line. Most importantly, the rail range is wider.
In this regard, the system started in front of Pirinç Han will work as straight line up to Ertuğrulgazi, and will not be integrated with T1.
After that…
Green-Çekirge tram line which will make Atatürk Street going and will be started.
President Altepe voices the excitement of the new lines by saying: ulaşım We will cut all of Bursa with iron nets, we will provide urban transportation by rail system Başkan.
All these plans include a surprise line extension project. Mayor Recep Altepe gave his information:
Hatt In addition to the planning of tram lines, we will connect the Old Yalova Road and Railway to the existing T1 line. “
Your decision, Emphasizing that the company came out of the Transportation Master Plan prepared by Branner, Altepe said that the construction would start immediately.
According to this…
The tram line, which descends from İnönü Street and turns left in front of SSI Provincial Directorate, enters Uluyol.
Hat will go down to Balıklı junction. The tram, which will run on one line in this region, will be re-connected to the main line in front of SGK Provincial Directorate.
Transportation to the newly constructed Metropolitan Municipality Palace will be provided by tram, and the population will be provided with ease of access to one of the busiest areas of the city.
In a sense…
In addition to those who want to go to the new city hall, a large population of about 10 neighborhoods will have the chance to reach the city center by tram, even on a single line.
Tramway junction setting
In order to reach İnönü Street and the Old Yalova Road, the Ipekböceği tram has to pass through the bridge which is formerly known as Hal Köprülü Junction. However, the current state of the junction is not suitable for passing the tram.
That's why…
As in the Demirtaşpaşa Interchange, the hard slope in this bridge junction will be softened and made suitable for the tram.

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