İnegöle Light Rail System Coming

levent fidansoy
levent fidansoy

İnegöle Light Rail System is Coming: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, BURULAŞ by light rail system in Inegol district center will be reported. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which is established by BURULAS light rail system in Inegol district center was reported.

BURULAŞ Director Levent Fidansoy, Inegol Mayor Alinur Aktas visited in his office. Aktaş said, ağır Today, we welcome our director of BURULAŞ. After the 30 March elections, we discussed the works to be carried out and the point reached so far. We have provided the necessary information. BURULAŞ is one of the most important companies of Bursa that provides transportation to Bursa. In our last 6 month-1 year, we have seen how healthy our information is to our citizens. The fact that our request for light rail system was met in the metropolitan area also made us happy. We also told them about the situation related to our villages and towns. Our projects are ready. Both sides of the issue, as well as the citizens of any concern. We are excited to be able to realize the process one after the local elections. Yerel

Levent Fidansoy, Director of BURULAŞ said, ulaşım We have been talking about what we can do about the transportation system of İnegöl when 2014 enters metropolitan borders since April. There is a very good transportation system in İnegöl. We strive to move this further. We will make all stakeholders in the current transport system happy, especially the rail system. We're just organizers here. We intend to provide the connection between the villages and the city. We have to make transport better. The mobility between İnegöl and Bursa after the metropolitan will be doubled. Büyük

Fidansoy said that there could be a change in public transportation in İnegöl and said: toplu The need is examined in this regard. Passenger demand is important. And there's a need for the bus. The rail system is currently only in İnegöl. The 20 mile on the subway is not very efficient. We have stepped on it. It can be thought of as a train here, but the metro between İnegöl-Bursa is not efficient, the rail system is convenient, ie train. We are planning to open Yenişehir Airport to domestic and international flights. Inegol is very close to Yenisehir. This will have a positive impact on İnegöl. Bu

Fidansoy pointed out that it is imperative to take the villages into the field of application of the scheduled system. All the villages of Gemlik and Kestel were connected to this site. Gem

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