First logistics center to be established in Diyarbakir

The first logistics center will be established in Diyarbakır: The first logistics center of the Southeastern Anatolia Region is planned to be established in Diyarbakır.
With the solution process and incentive implementation, Diyarbakır Governorship, Karacadağ Development Agency and Diyarbakır Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DTSO) Presidency started work to ensure that the products to be produced in parallel with the investments accelerated in the Southeastern Anatolia Region are offered in the fastest and cheapest way.
While the decision was taken to create a thousand 800 acres of land near the Leylektepe station on the Diyarbakir Ergani road, the application was made by the DTSO Chamber to the Provincial Directorate of Science and Technology.
- “Logistics affects the product cost by 20 percent”
Secretary General of Karacadağ Development Agency İlhan Karakoyun, AA correspondent, the world's goods and services to the markets with the fastest and most cost-effective transport to the places that one step forward, he said.
Emphasizing that logistics costs are very important in terms of competition, therefore, logistics is an important sector in recent years, and Karakoyun stated that Diyarbakır has been the logistics center of the region throughout its history.
Karakoyun noted that it was decided to establish a Diyarbakır Logistics Center in order to avoid any problems in the market presentation of the productions to be realized in the region with the completion of the solution process, incentive implementation and GAP irrigation channels, and said, “Diyarbakır is still a province where official and private institutions have regional representatives. It will be the regional logistics center in Diyarbakır. The center will distribute for Iran, Iraq and Syria, as well as the East and Southeast Anatolia Regions. Logistics affects the product cost by 20 percent. Thanks to the Diyarbakır Logistics Center, the companies producing in the region can compete with the world companies. As they can compete, new investments will come to the region. ”
Karakoyun, Diyarbakir Logistics Center, customs clearance, truck park, packaging and storage units and social facilities will take place by pointing out, said:
“As a result of our research, we have determined that the most suitable place is the 800-decare area of ​​the treasury near Leylektepe station. This area was chosen due to its proximity to the railway, road, ring road and organized industrial zone. In the first place, the center can be put into service with a 20 million lira expenditure. Thanks to the railway planned to be extended from Şanlıurfa to Diyarbakır, the products here will be delivered to Mersin Port for a very low price. The center will also employ 2 thousand people when it is fully operational. ”
General Secretary Karakoyun, this year, the provision of land to provide the necessary infrastructure work, he added.
- “It contributes to the formation of a production center”
DTSO President Ahmet Sayar said that Diyarbakır has an important potential in terms of agriculture and agriculture-based industry due to its large and irrigable land.
Saying that Diyarbakır has an important opportunity on the way of industrialization with its peace process, incentive implementation and young population presence, Sayar said, “Thanks to the process, there is an intense investment demand in our city. Diyarbakır Organized Industrial Zone has become unable to meet the investment demands that exploded with the peace process. We want to create the first logistics center of the Southeastern Anatolia Region in Diyarbakır in parallel with the investments that increase with the peace process. ”
Sayar, emphasizing that recent studies have begun to be new logistics centers in Turkey about Sayar, he said:
“As the Chamber, we have taken the decision of the board of directors for the establishment of the center on an area of ​​800 acres, whose construction has been logically determined by Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality. Then, we applied to the Provincial Directorate of Science, Industry and Technology. The Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology was interested in logistics centers. However, with the last regulation, the authority was transferred to the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication. Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ministry is doing master's work on the establishment of logistics centers in Turkey. "
Chairman Sayar pointed out that with the activation of the logistics center, companies that will make production in the region will have the opportunity to offer their products to the market at a cheaper cost. New investments, on the other hand, increase job opportunities and income. For this reason, it is very important for Diyarbakır to establish a logistics center. ”

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