Ilgaz is waiting for snow

Ilgaz waiting for the snow: Unable important winter tourism centers of skiing because of the lack of snow in Ilgaz Turkey.

Orhan Ilgınlar, the operator of the facility at Yıldıztepe Ski Center, said in a statement to the AA reporter that tourists could not ski due to the insufficient snow thickness for two weeks.

Stating that they expect snowfall during the week, Ilgınlar said, “It would be nice snow in our center this year last year, but unfortunately there is no snow this year. Hopefully we expect some snowfall for a few days. According to the information we have received, there is a shortage of snow in other ski resorts. When it is 10 centimeters more snow in our region, our tracks will be at a level that can slide. "The thickness of the snow in the ski center was 10 centimeters in January of this year and 50 centimeters in the same period of last year."

Claiming that Yıldıztepe Ski Center is the most beautiful place in the region, Ilgınlar said, “Those who come to our facility daily take the chair lift and watch the view. Our newly opened track is 2,5 kilometers long and 50 meters wide. A track where skiers can ski. We also have a 4-meter novice track. We expect everyone to Yıldıztepe Ski Center, which is very close to Ankara and Istanbul. ”