IETT buses are disinfected every day

📩 29/11/2018 18:15

IETT buses are disinfected every day: IETT buses and metrobuses that serve thousands of passengers every day are serviced inside and outside the garages in the garage.
The procedure is repeated once a week using strong medicines to ensure that Istanbul residents travel in a healthier environment. Buses are also cleaned once a month.
Buses cleaned daily, safeguard against germs and harmful organisms
IETT buses and metrobuses, which serve millions of people every day, are subjected to internal and external cleaning in detail in order to provide a healthier environment for passengers. In addition to the daily routine cleaning applied in the garages at night, buses are disinfected with strong drugs once a week and they are subjected to detailed cleaning once a month. During these processes, all interior surfaces of the buses, roof, rear and lower parts of passenger seats, windows, billboards, passenger handle and handle pipes, door tops, driver's place, torpedo, glass edges, side and roof surfaces, ventilation covers, all inside the vehicle. metal surfaces are cleaned with perfumed and hygienic cleaning materials. The last floor cleaning is done in the bus. After sweeping the floor of the vehicle, it is cleaned with medicated water at least twice, and then permanent stains on the floor are cleaned with a special solution. For external cleaning, buses are passed through external washing brushes. Internal and external cleaning operations, which are routinely performed on vehicles every day, are completed at 04.00:XNUMX am at the latest and the vehicles are ready for morning service.
In addition to these operations, buses, which are subjected to a detailed disinfection process once a week, are also cleaned before and after mechanical maintenance. The cleaning agents used are selected according to the applied surface. Thanks to the cleaning and disinfecting operations carried out late at night in the garages where the buses are connected, the vehicles are secured against all kinds of microbes and harmful organisms.
Baraçlı: “Medicines approved by the Ministry of Health and certified with quality”
Making a statement on the subject, IETT General Manager Dr. Hayri Baraçlı stated that the disinfection of the buses, which are cleaned internally and externally in the garages, before going out every morning, is carried out at night. We do the spraying with international quality certified and corrosive, carcinogenic and genetic materials that do not damage the skin and eyes. Our employee, who has a special suit, mask, goggles and gloves, sprayes intense contact areas such as passenger handles and handle pipes, seats and door handles with his spray device. ” said. He also stated that cleaning operations are applied for all bus and metrobus vehicles in the IETT fleet.

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