Not all Istanbulites have taken Marmaras

Not all were riding Istanbul Marmaray: The Republic of Turkey State Railways announced statistics relating to Marmaray'l. The results are below the estimate.
According to the information received from TCDD, Marmaray has carried nearly 29 million passengers since its opening on October 2013, 10. While the population of the city was 13.8 million according to the latest population figures of Istanbul, as many people living in the city did not get on Marmaray. Here is Marmaray in numbers.
With Marmaray, which was opened on 29 October 2013, 14 million 9 thousand 929 passengers were transported until 755 January. In Marmaray, which is preferred by around 100 thousand passengers daily, it is predicted that this number will increase to 150 thousand when the Yenikapı extensions of Şişhane-Taksim-Haciosman Metro and Aksaray-Atatürk Airport Light Rail System are completed. Üsküdar is the most preferred station with 27 percent, followed by Ayrilik Çeşmesi with 25 percent, Sirkeci with 23 percent, Yenikapı with 16 percent and Kazlıçeşme stations with 9 percent. With Marmaray, it is estimated that the number of passengers on the Üsküdar-Eminönü Line has decreased by 50 percent.
The most used hours of Marmaray were between 07.30-09.00 and 16.00-19.00. The daily average number of passengers from the stations was Üsküdar 27 thousand, Separation Fountain 25 thousand, Sirkeci 23 thousand, Yenikapı 16 thousand and Kazlıçeşme 9 thousand. When the Yenikapı extensions of Şişhane-Taksim-Hacıosman Metro and Aksaray-Atatütürk Airport Light Rail System are completed, it is thought that the number of passengers carried daily will increase to 150 thousand.
All technical buildings, including 5 stations, in Marmaray are protected by over 200 private security personnel. In Marmaray, some security guards had been taken inside the wagons on the grounds that the emergency button was pressed.
While Istanbul residents who use Marmaray emphasize the technical characteristics of the project and its necessity for Istanbul in the e-mails and applications received, Marmaray is described as a “late project”. Requests are received from the passengers to increase the trip hours.
Yusufoğulları stated that he used my own vehicle for transportation before Marmaray opened, but no longer used his vehicle to go to work. Stating that he got on Marmaray for the third time, Reis Aktemur said, “It makes my job easier. I used to use IETT buses before. There was a difference of 1 hour, ”he said. İnci Şamada, who went to visit her family in Avcılar, said that while she was going to Marmaray in 4 hours, she reached Avcılar in 1 hour thanks to Marmaray.



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