Haydarpaşa is finally being repaired

📩 29/11/2018 18:25

Haydarpaşa is finally being repaired: Haydarpaşa Train Station, whose roof burned 3 years ago, was finally decided to be repaired! As a result of the 'delayed tender' to be held on January 2, 28 months before the local elections, the roof of the station building will be renewed and the facade cleaning and maintenance will be done. .
Newspaper KadıköyAccording to the report of Gökçe Uygun, a step was finally taken for a 28-year delayed renovation at the historical Haydarpaşa Station, whose roof burned down on 2010 November 3, taking one of the heavy damages of its history. According to the information on the website of TCDD, a tender will be held for the "Complete Renovation Work of Haydarpaşa Station Building". The open tender, organized by the TR State Railways Tenders Real Estate and Construction Department, will be held on Tuesday, January 28 at 14.30 in Ankara. Within the scope of the restoration to be made, the roof of the station building will be renewed, and the exterior cleaning and maintenance will be done. In addition, the wooden joinery of the building will be renewed in accordance with the original. The work, which is planned to start next month, is expected to be completed within 500 days.
In the lawsuit filed regarding the fire that broke out on November 28, 2010 during the repairs on the roof of Haydarpaşa Train Station, two workers and the company owner who carried out the isolation were sentenced to 10 months for 'negligence and endangerment of general security by causing fire by negligence'.
In the reasoned decision, Nuh Hüseyin Köse, the judge of the Anatolian 8th Criminal Court of Peace, who looked at the case, stated that the roof had not been repaired for 84 years, which led to the fire. Judge Köse stated that there was an administrative and political defect due to the failure to fulfill the necessary responsibilities against cultural assets, and stated the following in the decision: “As mentioned in the expert report, the fire has not undergone maintenance and repair for 84 years, has not been equipped with modern methods against fire, and is not protected easily. has a serious contribution; Although it is accepted that this is due to the failure to fulfill the necessary responsibilities against cultural assets, it has been concluded that these omissions cannot be regarded as a direct causal link in the sense of criminal law, although it is possible to be seen as administrative and political defects.
In the fire that broke out as a result of sabotage in 1917, the entire roof of Haydarpaşa Station was burned. The station, which survived the 5-year British occupation on September 25, 1923, could only be repaired after the railways administration was nationalized. The repair of the roof was continued without being closed to railway train traffic in the difficult economic conditions of that period and was completed on 29 September 1933.
Haydarpaşa Solidarity, which consists of many parties, non-governmental organizations and associations defending Haydarpaşa, reminds that "Haydarpaşa Train Station and its immediate surroundings are protected as the first group of cultural assets that must be preserved with their historical and cultural values" and expresses the following views;
"However, the railway station, particularly TCDD management to Haydarpasa Train Station, backcourt and harbor environment with all railways our Turkey's largest privatization declared as the project has been sentenced to international market generating power in the hands of a deliberate carelessness and neglect. Despite all the warnings of Haydarpaşa Solidarity, the criminal complaints made about illegal renovation works and the ongoing intense pressure and interest of the public opinion, Haydarpaşa Train Station was reflected in the reports of TCDD Inspection Board in front of the world on 28 November 2010. the series was burnt out as a result of imprudence, carelessness, irresponsibility and negligence, and it was seriously damaged. Unable to be realized due to social reactions until today, the 'unavoidable rentier transformation' was brought back to the agenda by using this fire as an excuse, and the building was given new functions under the name of 'reuse' in addition to the 'station' function in the repair process, which should be done urgently after the fire in accordance with scientific techniques. his idea was opened for discussion. Haydarpaşa needs to be restored in line with international preservation principles while preserving its historical and cultural values ​​and functions. In the restoration process, the participation of the Chamber of Architects, which is one of the components of Haydarpaşa Solidarity on the basis of the 'participation' principle, which is an indispensable part of universal planning, must be ensured in the process as an observer. "
The Privatization Administration will hold the tender for the transformation of Haydarpaşa region. In the first stage of the project, the engineering and architecture tender will be held. The architectural office determined by tender will draw the project. In the second stage, a new tender will be launched. In this tender, the investor who will undertake the construction and operation of the project will be determined. The winning bidder will be asked to develop 2 different projects and submit them to the ÖİB. The ÖİB will select a project among 5 projects that the Ministry of Transport and TCDD have 'approved'. The contractor who undertakes the construction and operation will start the construction for this project. TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman stated that the project will be done with the build-operate-transfer (BOT) model and said, “The enterprise that will carry out the project will pay a certain amount upfront to TCDD. Then we will get rent every year during the operation, ”he said. On the other hand, Haydarpaşa Train Station and Kadıköy The master zoning plan, which aims to transform the Square into a tourism and trade area, is under trial. Kadıköy A lawsuit was filed by professional chambers against the Master Development Plan for the Protection of the Square and its Environment. In the plan, the station and its surroundings were separated as "cultural facility, tourism and accommodation area".


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