Haliç Metro Transition Bridge opens in February

📩 29/11/2018 17:59

The Golden Horn Metro Transition Bridge opens in February: The Golden Horn Metro Transition Bridge will be opened in February. Thus, the Hacıosman-Şişhane metro line will reach Yenikapı and meet with Marmaray.
At the end of the last corner of the Haliç Metro Transition Bridge, which will enable the integration of the Istanbul Metro, which is currently serving between Hacıosman and Şişhane, to the Yenikapı and integrate with Marmaray. The construction of the bridge, which was criticized as having a negative effect on the historical silhouette of Istanbul, started on 2 January 2009. The 460 meter is a total of 936 meters over the sea. The 47 meter, the height of the 13 meter, has a collapsible section on Unkapanı.
The bridge, which is about to be completed, is currently being installed on the railing works, escalators, glass covering and lighting poles of the single stop on the bridge.
Turkey's first subway bridge on the Golden Horn Metro Crossing Bridge was built in the first time trial planting. The second trial will start after 10 January. At the end of the studies in the sea feet will be covered with decorative skirts.
The station on the other subway lines is reached after passing through the turnstile and after reaching one or two floors. Pedestrian crossings will be free from the bridge, which also has a view terrace. Istanbul is expected to make a significant contribution to the solution of the traffic problem 1 million people a day from the bridge is expected to pass. 180 will be breathing in transportation by merging Istanbul Metro and Marmaray with the bridge costing a million liras.

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