Giresun Ropeway project completed

Giresun Ropeway project was completed: Governor Hasan Karahan met with members of the press at breakfast before 10 January Journalists Day.

Governor Karahan, 10 January will be located outside the province said the event was taken today.

Terms of Journalism's Knight pointed out that Turkey and difficult in the world, the press in an effort to make the task with dedication and wished success to the members.

Karahan, who gave information about the ropeway project between Giresun and the coastal fill area in Kaleilercekeği district, said: An investment of around 15 million pounds. We plan to build with build-operate-transfer model. There is a suitor. We're continuing our negotiations. We want to reach the final result as soon as possible. En

Karahan, many state investments in Giresun is being maintained rapidly, they are closely following these investments, he added.

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