Get on the tram also get the sculpture

Trams also get the sculpture also get: Izmit years as' 'passing through the city' was called. In Izmit for a century, land trains, freight trains passed. When the train broke down in İzmit or the wagons were too long, level crossings would remain closed, vehicles and pedestrians would be stressed. The train got up through the city many years ago, but now it's returning as a tram.
In modern European cities the tram is an indispensable means of transportation. The European society, which has managed to protect its historical fabric for centuries, and has looked at the statues in the city squares, deserves credit in this respect.
Many years ago, Izmit had a slogan: bir European City Izmit Yıl
The tram is also a figure on the way to Izmit. However, our city has significant shortcomings in the name of culture and art.
The history of 3 has a statue dating back to a thousand years. However, you can find a statue in European countries. In addition, these sculptures are not scattered with spray paints, they look and look like the eyes of the public alar
Izmit, home to the Roman Empire for a period, has three magnificent sculptures that have survived to the present day. Where is it? Of course, in the Izmit Museum k One of them is a statue of Hercules, others are statues of seasons Tabii
Herakles in Greek mythology, Hercules in Roman mythology, is the son of Alkmene, the daughter of Zeus and the Mycenae king. Zeus, who fell in love with her, approached her dressed as her husband. Hera understood that Herakles was the child of Zeus, and he was constantly engaged to him and caused his death. From the day he was born, Heracles had a divine power. He is only a few days old baby when he kills two poisonous snakes that Hera sends.
Herakles received a superior education. His best deeds are arrows, horses and wrestling. By the time 18 age, he killed the famous beast who lived in the forests of Kitharion. She was given the Megara daughter's daughter Megara. This girl has three sons. Hera mingled with Heracles and insane Heracles killed her own wife and children. He had to go into the service of the Mycenae king to cleanse him of his crimes, to do whatever he wanted. The work of the 12 built by Herakles is called the 12 task or works of Herakles. Also known as a very strong character.
Now let us come to our Herakles, our Hercules Şimdi
Founded by King Nicomedes in 262 before Christ and in the name of the founding king
Hellenistic Kingdom, the Great Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire and the Ottoman Empire, which had taken the name Nicomedia, left very important traces, and during the Roman and Hellenistic periods, the former Izmit had even made its capital.
According to the historian Walter Ruge, in 238 in Izmit, a big festival was held in honor of the 500 year of the city's foundation and the coins (antique money) depicting the founding myth of Izmit were repressed.
As will be remembered, BC. In 262, the city of Astakoz, which was founded in today's Basiskele and Seymen region, was interpreted as a flight of eagles to the hills of Izmit during a religious ritual, and this event was interpreted as the gods wanting to establish a new city. yielded.
500 of this event. The eagle, the prophet and King Nicomedes are depicted with respect and respect. When these coins were pressed, Maksimianus was the Roman Emperor Bu
2014 is the 2276 year of the foundation of Izmit X
Izmit and its environs, which date back thousands of years ago, are one of the most important ancient sites in the world with priceless historical treasures lying under the ground. If you mow the soil in Izmit, the date gushes. In the previous years, the giant Hercules statue from the foundation excavation was dumped. This event, which was revealed by our newspaper, has been a very important example of journalism in terms of showing that history consciousness still does not occur in Izmit and that the cultural heritage of this city can be thrown away without recklessness. Then he was wrapped in a statue of Hercules, after waiting for a while in the yard of the hunting lodge, and with the opening of the Izmit Museum of Archeology and Ethnography, he was placed in the entrance hall of the museum.
In order to have a historical past of Izmit and to transfer our cultural heritage to future generations, it is certain that important initiatives have been made in recent years. For example, Metropolitan and Izmit Municipalities are doing very important work on this subject. Restoration of important artifacts is carried out, the Ministry of Culture's work, the municipalities undertake.
Many years ago, on a single-channel black-and-white television, there was a series called televizyon Ghost in the Museum Çok. We watched the ghost of the Louvre Museum in France with excitement and we saw it for the first time with our children's hearts what a museum meant.
Children in Izmit are very lucky today. There are many museums in our city.
But we all have a mission. To take children to museums should be the task of parents, teachers, municipalities, all of us.
The Ethnography and Archeology Museum of Izmit is in perfect condition. Valuable historical artifacts are exhibited. Just go there to see the giant statue of Hercules. Unfortunately, the number of visitors is very little Ne

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