Gaziantep Tram Stations Wise


Gaziantepin tram stops were clever: The Smart Stop system established within the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning and Rail Systems Department offers another reason for citizens to choose the modern, environmentally friendly and economical tram in transportation. Turkey and the world for a long time in many developed cities to facilitate the lives of the people of Gaziantep system used. The system, which is established with 100% domestic facilities, increases the comfort of transportation. it will encourage people to use public transport instead of using an individual vehicle. The system is also aimed to contribute to the solution of the traffic problem in the city.


Emphasizing that the Smart Stop System mainly assumes the passenger information task. Asım Güzelbey said, “The smart stop system established in our city is basically built on 3 principles. The first is that the screens are double-sided LED screens. Our citizens will be able to follow the arrival time of 3 consecutive trams coming to the station on these screens. Thanks to the GPS / GPRS device on my vehicles, my site will reflect this information on the LED screen located in that station by determining the location and speed of the vehicles, calculating when the vehicle will arrive at the next station in real time. In the sliding section on the bottom line of the screens, we will inform our citizens with various announcements. ” Stating that the Vehicle Tracking System is in the second part of the smart stop system, Dr. Asım Güzelbey said, “In this way, we provide a safe travel by alerting the drivers instantly by following the movements of the tram from the center, speed, information in the junction and truss zones.


Saying that the system can be easily tracked from smartphones and computers, Dr Asım Güzelbey said, “The third part of the system is the Transportation Software. In other words, our citizens will have the opportunity to learn when and how many trams will arrive on the official website of the municipality through this software. Thus, citizens will leave their homes according to them, as they will learn about the departure time of the tram from their smartphones, computers or tablets. so they will not wait in vain at the stations. The software will create a much wider information pool by including buses in the future and the passenger information system will turn into a much wider information system. Thanks to this application, public transportation will be encouraged instead of using individual vehicles and a significant relief will be achieved in traffic density. ”

Stating that they have been running the Smart Durak application trials for about 2 weeks, the system will be fully operational in February. Asım Güzelbey said, “The details of the software we created on the Metropolitan Municipality Official Web Site are about to be completed. Our citizens of Gaziantep they will be able to access smart stop system information by using the section we will create on the address. ”

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