Erciyes Skiers Awaits

Erciyes expects skiers: Erciyes Assistant General Manager Yücel İkiler has invited the skiers to Erciyes, saying that the main tracks are open in Erciyes. told. He said that the main pistes in Erciyes were open and invited skiers to Erciyes. Twos, "As you know, this year in Turkey's largest ski resorts are experiencing a shortage of snow. Many ski resorts are closed due to snow. However, thanks to the Erciyes Master Plan, we opened the ski slope in Erciyes with our artificial snowing system and presented it to the service of our citizens.

At present, our main runways in Hisarcık, Hacılar and Teki Kapi are open and at the service of our ski lovers. Last week we welcomed the athletes of Ankara. Erciyes is always preferred for making the indoor ski activities Because other ski resorts in Turkey. At the same time, many skiers prefer skiing in Erciyes, as our tracks are open. After this season, I hope that these ski centers will be open to the service of ski lovers.

We're thinking of doing many national and international races "to express their kullandı.kayak training professional trainers İkiler said started to be accompanied, he said:" In the meantime, Erciyes Inc. as we continue to undertake the first in Turkey. As Erciyes AŞ, we have gathered ski activities under one roof. Now, citizens who want to take ski training with a fully professional certified instructor under the direction of ski training by taking any problem can find a facility that can complain at least. In this way, we continue to learn to ski to everyone Erciyes.