Elevator to the historic Afyon Castle instead of the cable car

Lift instead of ropeway to the historical Afyon Fortress: A total of 226 meters in the historical Afyonkarahisar Castle to establish an elevator-like system to find a company could not find a firm was published in newspapers. The municipality, which has started negotiations with the companies, will proceed to the tender process if sufficient number is reached.

Afyonkarahisar Municipality has been working for a long time in order to visit the historical fortress which is used for defense and worship but has a long and tiring time at the exit point. When the ropeway system was not allowed, this time the municipality, which was looking for different alternatives, finally got permission to establish a lift-like system. The municipality project accelerated the work of the company did not appear to be the last resort to the newspaper as a last resort tried to advertise. Mayor Burhanettin Coban, 226 meter high, and only the 600 stepped stairs can be reached for the historic castle before the cable car system, but said it is not allowed.

Tas The castle is registered as a first degree archaeological and natural SIT area. In The system is not allowed by the Cultural Property Protection Board due to its narrow position and security. Only the elevator or a similar site is allowed. Da The shepherd stated that they had received preliminary permits for the project like the elevator to be constructed and then they started the works. Mayor Çoban said,, We looked at who could build a lift to the historical fortress. We investigated. We interviewed various companies and technical staff. But we couldn't find anyone to do. When we couldn't get results from this initiative, the idea of ​​making advertisements appeared. Bu Çoban, newspaper, after the announcement that some companies and people are calling by telephone, the municipality technical team continues to negotiate, after a certain point, the cost of the tender process will be started by calculating the account told.

Shepherd, the project will contribute to the province's tourism, stating that the castle will become a center of attraction with ease of exit, he said. Çoban said, lı Now the transportation is provided by a steep and 600 stepped staircase. Although the steps have been repaired and made of concrete, it affects the guests' output. Over the year 300 to the city over a thousand tourists come. However, only perhaps 10 can get out of a thousand people. The revival of the castle will play an important role in the name of the city's promotion. Kal


Afyonkarahisar Castle is one of the first places to visit the city. 10 600 steps were made in order to make the fortifications repaired the fortress with the restoration made years ago. However, many people climb to the top of the castle wants to see the climbing is a long and tiring business for a lot of visitors just watching the distance, taking pictures. Previously, a ropeway system was built between the Hıdırlık hill and across the citadel.


Located in the city center of Afyonkarahisar, the castle is located on a volcanic rocky rock with a height of 226 meters. It was used for defense purposes during the Hittite, Roman, Byzantine and Seljuk period. In the period of the owner Ata Fahrettin Ali, one of the viziers of Seljuk, the name of the castle was Karahisar-ı Sahip. 1573'te repair this place II. Selim gave the name Afyonkarahisar to the castle because of the famous opium grown in the region. In the castle, a mosque, water cisterns, temple, watchtowers, stockpile warehouses, arsenals, eight water cisterns and valuable items were stored in a cellar.