The easiest to reach ski resort in Palandöken

The easiest to reach the ski resort Palandöken: Tourism, minds always go to the summer months. Therefore, holiday programs are made according to the coastal geography of our beautiful country, surrounded by seas on three sides. Our majestic mountains, which are hardly taken into account, are just as impressive as the beaches of this beautiful geography. Even if there are three international ski resorts in Bulgaria, which is behind many issues, we would still complain about the fact that Uludağ was not able to rival even domestic tourism. This situation has changed in recent years. Last week I saw that the facilities and social venues in Kartalkaya closed the scissors with Uludağ. I can even say that Palandöken is a priority for skiing.

Airport 15 minutes

The biggest factor that Palandöken made this breakthrough was the Universiade in 2011. Due to the Universiade, the state has invested a very important facility in the region. Turkey's Olympic ski made for this track mean the most favorable of no more superlatives. Of course, winter tourism is another must have a unique advantage in terms of logistics conditions in the world. Erzurum city, approximately 2.000 meter altitude is reached from the airport to Palandöken to reach only takes 15 minutes. Palandöken is the easiest ski resort to reach from the metropolitan cities. If you book Anadolu Jet and Turkish Airlines early, we can say that it has the lowest transportation costs.

Enjoy skiing at night in Xanadu

Before us, Palandöken discovered the citizens of Poland, Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States. In addition to the ski slopes, the hotel is open to development with its hotels. I had the chance to visit Xanadu Snow White from these hotels. As a 'mountain hotel' it was quite comfortable. The most important factor that makes the hotel a difference is the magnificent terrace, which is connected to the ski slope. From here you can enjoy the panoramic view of Erzurum and the silhouette of Palandöken at the same time. Thanks to the special lighting system on the ski slope, you can enjoy skiing at night. Yet this system could not be established in any other region in Turkey; Xanadu is the first and only one. The hotel has created in the last two years the ski slopes this difference 'Turkey's top sports tourism businesses' takes the prize. The hotel is located on the top of the mountain 30 thousand cubic meters of capacity can make a special system from the pond. Thus, the duration of the ski season can go up to 150 days.
Palandoken is the weakest in terms of merkez socializing da in front of other centers for skiing. There is no brand or entertainment venue in the mountains other than their own restaurants. Those who find themselves always fall behind the standards that should be based on the tastes of the customers.

Our 'Fabulous' LED history!

While going to Palandöken, one of the oldest cities in Anatolia should not return before visiting Erzurum. When you look at Erzurum from the hill, you will see air pollution as a black cloud over the city. When you check your phone for the weather in the city center, you're surprised when you see the -26 rating. But as time goes by, your body gets used to this cold. Throughout the history of BC, the city is home to great civilizations such as Urartians, Medes, Persians and Byzantines. One of them is the 'bazaar' of Taşhan. Although Tashan is built with a fascinating stone mastery, it is possible to see the 'ugly' LED signs at the entrance and inside. While other countries take steps for their non-history, it is inconceivable that we will break our history with this visual ugliness, which we think is strange. I couldn't make sense when the tourist group I came across from Taşhan came out of Istanbul to hear it was 'Rüstem Paşa'. Then I realized that this series of fanatic friends, 'magnificent' history due to the information showed such a attitude (!) Lad
One of Erzurum's other must-have cag kebab was from Muammer Usta. Muammer Usta, who was famous for being a Kadayif stuffed, had the taste of the cag kebab as well as the quick and polite service of the salon staff.

Opened at the wrong time

In Nişantaşı, the region where the local entertainment concept is best applied in our country, investors have been looking for a store to open a 'steak house' for a long time ... Seeing this gap and acting fastest was Atiye Steak House. I went to the place of The Bite with my friends, including Cenk Kazancı, whose taste I trust very much. As the name suggests, it is located in the heart of Atiye Sokak, making it the ideal location for steak food, wanting to make a 'market'. I can say that I was disappointed about the flavors and service. The biggest reason for holding the butcher of Turkey Steak House is no waiting tables as a waitress. Here, the staff of the hall leaves the meat with the service they have opened with request and gratitude. I found the meat too 'fresh'. I think he was not rested enough. I cannot say that the calculation is very reasonable depending on the presentation and taste.
Of course, the most important reason for all these negative aspects of the opening of the space as soon as the full capacity to work. The concepts made with 'Et' are very difficult. The best product, the most perfect preparation if you need to spend a certain trial period. I thought that Serdar Çiçek, the owner of the venue, had the ability to handle it. Having previously started with Ivana Sert and staying far below expectations, The Bite was one of the important stops of Atiye Street. This will take some time, even though I believe I will bring the Atiye Steak to a successful standard At

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