World's Second Metro Opened Today in Istanbul

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Historic Karaköy Tunnel 144 Age

The second subway of the world was opened in Istanbul today: Tahtel Arz Railway (Tunnel Metro), opened 140 years ago in Istanbul, is known as the second subway of the world after London. Tunnel Metro was illuminated with gas lamps when it was first opened

Known as the oldest in Istanbul and the second in the world, “Tunnel Mertro” was opened to service in 1874.
The story of the formation of Tünel, which is the second oldest subway of the world after London, is a French engineer 140 years ago on the official website of IETT, which currently operates. Eugene Henri Gavandis based on his initiative. Gavand observes people who are constantly shuttling between Galata, the business and banking center of the time, and Pera, the heart of social life, and thought of an alternative way to the Galilee Street.

The Ottoman Sultan received the Tunnel construction privilege on June 10, 1869, for an elevator-type railway project that would connect these two centers. Tunnel, whose operating period was determined as 42 years, was built with the build-operate-transfer model.

Tunnel construction work started at 30 June 1871. In July 1872, the British company "The Metropolitan Railway Of Constantinople From Galata to Pera" was registered. 05 In December 1874, the construction work was completed in Tünel, and after the animal transport test flights, people were transported to 10. The Tunnel was put into service with a magnificent ceremony attended by the local and foreign invited guests at 17 January 1875.

The first construction cost of 180 thousand Ottoman Liras, the energy of the tunnel facilities were provided by two steam engines with 150 horsepower. When the tunnel started, the two-side open wagons were illuminated by gas lamps as there was no electricity.

As the transition to electric trams began at 1910, the company became an Ottoman national in 1911 and received the title of baş Tahtel'arz Railway from Galata and Beyoğlu Brain ğ. Then, the state was bought by the government for 175 thousand Turkish Lira and was nationalized in 01 March 1939. The tunnel was transferred to 16 June 1939 by the General Directorate of Istanbul Electric Tramway and Tunnel Enterprises (IETT) established under the law numbered 3645.

In the Second World War; Tunnel, which was separated from its passengers for three and a half months because some of its materials could not be purchased, was completely renewed and electrified by the French company Eletctro Enterprise with a consumption of 33 million TL. The electrification works of Tünel started in 1968, and it was put into service with a new ceremony on 2 November 1971. With a 350 horsepower electrical system, the Tunnel, which exceeds 573 meters in 90 seconds, can carry 16 people at a time with two wagons 170 meters long.

Tünel, which is an indispensable part of Istanbul during the Ottoman period and the first years of the Republic, offers its passengers the shortest, most pleasant and most intimate journey while connecting Karaköy and Beyoğlu in silent steps.
Tunnel weekdays and Saturdays between 07: 00 and 22: 45; On Sundays, 07: 30-22: 45.

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