Düldül Mountain Ropeway project will stimulate Düziçi tourism

Düldül Mountain Ropeway project will revitalize Düziçi tourism: Düziçi Mayor Ökkeş Namlı stated that the ı Düldül Dağı'a Teleferik Project y, which aims to encourage tourism in the region, has been accepted by the Eastern Mediterranean Development Agency. Mayor Ökkeş Namlı, AA correspondent, said that the lack of space in the industrial zone to be established in the industrial zone, directing themselves to the quest for tourism, he said.

Kenttin, tourism investment projects to provide economic development, indicating that the Namlı, in the first place in the Dumanli paragliding in the beginning of the construction began, the Abbasid Caliph Harun Reşit'in far beyi Farac Bey 8. century, in the name of Harun Reşit built for the restoration of the castle, he said. Namlı said that Karasu Waterfall, which is located on the Soap Creek and has no possibility of transportation, could be reached by the pathway opened by the company that established the hydro power plant in the region and said el After these important developments, we started a ropeway project un.

Noting that the ropeway project was prepared by Osmaniye Korkut Ata University and presented to DOĞAKA, Namlı said: “This project was accepted by DOĞAKA. In the coming days, the feasibility of the tender for the establishment of a cable car on Düldül Mountain will be prepared. We will then share it with the public and make a tender for it. With the establishment of a cable car, local and female tourists who will come to the region will be able to climb to the summit of Düldül Mountain at an altitude of 2, and watch the region from there, stay in the hotel to be built on the summit and benefit from the social facility. Thus, the shopkeepers kazanThe economy will become more active, Düziçi will be known more.

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