Davraz Ski Resort Hits Drought

Drought Struck Davraz Ski Center: There is a snow shock at Davraz Ski Center in Isparta before the semester break. In Davraz, where the season starts in January every year, due to the low amount of snowfall, skiing is possible only at the summit point at an altitude of 2 thousand 344 meters.

Turkey's famous skiing Ski Davraz point, enough was done for the season opener due to snow. In Davraz, where the season is opened on January 15 every year, operators and holidaymakers were shocked due to the drought. Skiing can be done at the peak point at an altitude of 3 meters with only 40 centimeters of snow from the 2 ski stages in the famous ski center. At this point, only super professional skiers can ski. Skiing is not possible as the snow thickness in the other 344 stages varies between 2 and 5 centimeters.

Isparta Culture and Tourism Director Abdullah Kilic, said that only experienced in similar table not Davraz Ski Turkey's other ski resorts. Noting that only professional skiers between 2 thousand 45 and 2 thousand 345 altitudes can ski in Davraz, Kılıç said, "Unfortunately, skiing cannot be done at the first and second chairlift points because of the low snow".

All 3 hotels in Davraz Ski Center remained empty because the ski season was not opened due to the drought. No reservation has been made for the semester break at the 283-star Sirene Davraz Hotel with 4 beds, the Isperia Mountain House with 55 beds and the Süleyman Demirel University Research and Application Hotel with 84 beds.